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Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to Deliver to Light?– Higher Self

Beloved Son,

It is time to surrender to the Light, walking the path that the Heart indicates to you.

The time is of Delivery, Trust.

You know, Son, enough to understand everything, to philosophize everything, life is simple, just like God. Life does not need proof, it does not need documents, because there is a cycle, a plot, that will always bring you the experiences that you create.

There is a path that is being indicated, which is the Light, the Fullness, the Love. By lives and lives, they walked in search of something, distancing themselves from the moral gifts, that only the love of God brings them.
They turned away from their natural gifts, from those who are innate to their superior aspects, to give way to disturbing thoughts that led to ancient energies and to repeated and old experiences. There is a cycle. And until they decide from the heart to surrender to the Light, and to trust in love, that cycle repeats itself in their lives so that they learn their lesson to the point of exhaustion.

You are led by the mind, by the will, seeking always more and more, protecting your honor, your name, "running" to get what is already yours by right, when it would be enough to radiate your Light and your Love. With this behavior, you enter the cycle of resistance, bringing again those experiences imposed by this tireless cycle of mind, which always leads you to the path of pain, suffering, fatigue.

How many more times will you miss the chance to simply surrender and walk in the Light? How simple this act! Walk in the Light! It does not require effort, planning, focus, absolutely nothing, just Faith, Delivery and Trust.

Open your Heart to radiate the great Love that you have, and allow your Light to shine, without judgment, without understanding, only with confidence.

For ages, you have given up and entered into this mental cycle of control, seeking for a rational security that does not exist, abandoning the higher gifts of your Soul. But walking to the Light is simple, requiring Love, Deliverance, Trust, Devotion to God and Creation and nothing more.

Thus you will be walking in the Light, breaking with those old mental patterns that always carry the same pains, the same sufferings, the endless toils, when everything you need is within you.

Deliver, My Beloved, for your own sake, surrender your life to God and allow Him to be your Conductor, your Guidance.

Take away your unsettling thoughts and your reason! It is time to get out of this mental cycle of pain, of exhaustion, of suffering.

May there be Light and nothing else!

Your Higher Self. I am You in the Future. With love.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Apr 22, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta