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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Feel My Inner Peace, which is reflected in my Love - Lady Master Rowena

Dear Brothers,

How are you? Are they at peace?

Children, I tell you that the greatest blessing of all Creation is its Inner Peace. There is nothing, absolutely nothing to replace it, because your peace leads you to love, acceptance, devotion, balance. Their peace is the most precious thing, the greatest good they possess and perhaps the only good.

So My Nobles, do not hand it over to someone who comes just out of curiosity. You do not need to be kind in exchange for your peace. Preserve your peace, even if it means leaving a brother on his own journey.

Often you give up your peace, you enter into inner conflict, try not to displease the other, but to displease yourselves.

See, Beloved, each one has to take care of his own displeasure. You do not have to give your peace for the sake of wanting others, because you do not control what others want. But his peace, this yes, is at all times within his reach. Nobody takes them if they do not allow it.

I tell you, if you knew what your peace shines for those around you, you would be able to see that the benefit you bring to your brother, by keeping that gentle energy of well-being within you, is much greater than Than when trying to bend over to the will of others.

When you are authentic and say "no," knowing that you will be preserving yourself, keeping yourself in peace, you bring great help to those around you. Because, in this state, you radiate pure energy, which leads to balance to everyone around you. So, preserve yourself! For the help they give in so doing is much greater.

Do not bend so easily when you want others, do not give away your most precious good, stand firm and high, because you have much to contribute.

I leave you, My Brothers, to reflect on these words. Often a "yes" can cause you unnecessary malaise, when a soft and loving "no" can help your balance and everyone else around you.

Her inner peace is miraculous, she heals, balances, generates confidence, well-being and elevates them. Already your misfit, your doubt, your attempt to please everyone, will not bring you great help. Be true, keep your purpose, and do not allow those who come near to destabilize you, for your peace is the most precious in Creation.

Feel my Inner Peace, which is reflected in my Love.


Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - April 07, 2016.

Revision: Angelica T. Tosta