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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Anchoring in the Now - Lady Master Nada

My Beloved Sons,

I come today to remind you to be ever present in the Now.

As you know, My Dear Ones, the present moment is a blessing received from our Creator, and it brings us all possibilities for healing and full satisfaction for our happiness.

Beloved ones, it is much simpler than you think ...

Just focus your thoughts in the present moment to be in full harmony with the Universe. Being in harmony with the Universe, you can feel the happiness you are looking for.

Beloved, you were made to connect with the Creator, with the Supreme Source. All Light is in the Source and you are part of it.

You are little grand little seedlings of light. I say great, because even a little divine spark is great because it is part of the Source, because it is life.

The solitary pursuit of connection with God is often frustrating, for you may reach up to a certain level of elevation, and from there you will not achieve further growth. But when they seek to connect to the Source of All That Is, with pure and true feelings of union with the planet, with a true connection that unites them in peace to their brothers and to all life forms, when they connect to their environment And those who are like you, part of your Self, when you realize that all are One and really make that reality a constant in your day, with thoughts, prayers and daily attitudes that translate that truth, then begin the true elevation that will lead you Up with the Creator. Because the Creator is one with his Creation. It is only by feeling that unity in their hearts that they can attain the supreme elevation to Him.

Today, you can change the way you live and observe everything around you. Notice the change of the world around you, everything changes when we truly become within ourselves. Fullness is only attained through union, My Beloved Sons. Unity is what strengthens you through the heart and the pure feeling of Love.

Beloved ones, you are beginning a new phase in which you will need to connect with this reality so that you can act effectively in your true purpose.

Today, you shine the most intense Light and can no longer be hit by any evil. The time has come to be more present, to really feel in their hearts the daily life of their brothers and to connect with them through their loving heart. We know that it will not be easy and will often be painful, but, My Dear Ones, you have all the conditions to act now. The planet needs you to anchor a new world of peace, balance and harmony. Be present in people's lives, but with balance, preserving your moments of introspection. Show others how gratifying it is to feel the present moment, to feel with the heart, to let it work in the silence of the mind. Only your physical presence can intervene effectively in many situations.

We will be with you radiating the Loving Flames of the Masters' Rays to act on the necessary cures and cleanings. You will be our channels of healing and physical acting in the environment in which you live most intensely now.

Be prepared to witness wonderful healing and joys you could not imagine in this lifetime.

Be prepared to see the healing of the planet take place little by little in front of you, and you can witness and participate in blessed and wonderful moments. Thank the opportunity at the end of each day, because, although they often do not realize it, they were at the work of the Light performing all the necessary cures on the people, animals, environments and plants they walked through. Thank the end of each day for the healing done, for the opportunity to radiate the Light, to take this opportunity to so many that could not be reached by this blessing, if not through you.

We thank you with great love for your joy and determination at the beginning of each day, knowing that it will be another blessed day filled with opportunities for the work of the Light.

We love you and we are with you always acting intensely in everything around you.

We thank you for dedicating your lives to us and to Humanity, blessed Lightworkers.

We appreciate the wonderful opportunity to be with you.

Thank you very much.

I AM Master Nada in the name of the Masters of the White Brotherhood.

Messenger: Michele Martini - Sep 21, 2016

Text Revision: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita


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