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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Accepting the Truth - Lady Master Pórtia

My children,

You are experiencing physical sensations all around you all the time.

Today, they are feeling new sensations, because it is not more like it was before. You are in a New Age of Love and Peace.

What they had hoped for so eagerly, has already reached its present. It is already reality in front of you and around you.
No more need to grieve and grieve.

You have been through painful situations for many ages and also during this incarnation, but now you are healed of that karma.

Beloved Children, you now need only to heal your mind and your heart.

All your outer karma is already transmuted into Love and forgiveness. Everything has already been healed and resolved. There is nothing more to fear.

Only what is left, My Sons, is yourself.

You need to look within yourself. Look deeply. Be true to yourself. Observe yourself. Do not be afraid of what you feel. Do not judge yourself. You ask so much for freedom, but at the same time judge so much yourself!

It is necessary to observe this more, My Dear Ones! Observe and gradually change this way of thinking and taking your days, your daily activities.

Today, My Dear Ones, is the New Age. You are no longer living in the world of pain and suffering. This was left behind and was healed. You just need to wake up to this new reality and know that, now, the walk starts again. Do not cry because you have to start over. Know that this resumption will be of much Light, for they are healed.

Each of you, My Sons, has your walk and you know what I'm talking about here. But beyond this individual walk, where there will be this new beginning of much Light, there is also the new walk of the planet. Each of you, initiating this New Age journey of life, will bring about global transformation and help those who have not yet discovered it.

Let us, therefore, change the Whole, from each of you, from each seed of Light and hope.

Be the Counters of the Way and live with Joy and Love! Live in Peace and with Determination!

Show your walking siblings that it is no longer necessary to "look out" the way they looked before. That everything is already different! That they just lack the change of themselves, internal.

Acceptance of change is not always cheerful from the beginning. We are often ashamed to find out how much we are wrong, but this is part of inner transformation.

We know that you have suffered greatly, My Children! You have many scars within you and have learned to live defensively, to try to survive in the environment in which you lived.

But now this is no longer necessary. You are free, but you still live in the inner prison of your minds. Free yourselves, My Beloved Ones! You are free to love and receive all the blessings you have always asked for.

Call upon me and I will radiate upon you the mighty transmuting Violet Flame.

I'm here for all of you, with lots of love!

With Love and Light!

Master Pórtia

Messenger: Michele Martini - Sep 27, 2016

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita