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Saturday, September 17, 2016

About the Formation of Duality – Elohim Cassiopea

May the Blessings of Our Father be enlightening them, transmuting them in the purest Love that is in Creation.

There is so much in so few words. There is Love. There is the Creator. There is Light that illuminates, there is Transmutation. Truly I say to you that in Creation there is almost nothing, for it is made of Light, of Love, of the Will of Our Father and of Forces that transmute these energies to give them forms or forces.

How much simplicity in eternity and the infinite grandeur that is the Cosmos. How much wisdom that, with so little, does so much. And we, in this energetic tangle of Love, experience the most exuberant experiences of our beings. How much with so little!

But Love, is the fundamental stone that interconnects everything, unifying everything, which produces all the energy to be transmuted according to the consciousness that inhabit the Cosmos. Consciousness which is all unfolding of God. A single consciousness attached to All That Is by loving energy. This is the Cosmos. This is the Universe. Thus was made the Galaxy, its Solar System and its world: Love, Energy, Form and Consciousness. That Is All That Is.

And in this tangle, the Creator Beings connect with the energy to create the most diverse experiences, like the one that they experience on Earth. On this planet, on the edge of a galaxy that sits on the edge of the Universe.

And why so much attention to a small planet made in Love, but dominated by the darkness? If there is only Love, where does this darkness come from? If everything is Love, why is there its opposite face? I tell you: because only the opposition of forces is what allows experience in duality, but only Love dilutes its own opposition. So much interest. All experience is made by energetic transmutation, so the dark is not absence of light, but the absence of Love, the other face of Love to create the experience of the soul in duality. The absence of Love creates the dark and, in this contrast, you experience the life that is made of Love. But only Love transmutes this experience, for it radiates and fills its own absence. So, there is only Love, everything is made of Love and from it.

There is no duality without Love, because it creates its other face that is its absence, to create an experience of energetic opposition and to transmute it.

Only Love does, only it builds, it is everything, it does everything. Because Love radiates from God and that is All That Is. Other than that, everything is unreal.

I am you, you are me, because we are made from the same Source. The energy of Love that radiates from the Center of Our Father.

And so it is.

With love.

Elohim Cassiopea

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Apr 14, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta.