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Saturday, September 17, 2016

A look at consciousness - Lord Kumara

Beloved children, may the Christ Light be enlightening you at this moment.

We observe the movements that are made to your awakening, to the return to the understanding of our Father's abode. Behold, there is much more in creation than your physical eyes are able to observe, than your mind can comprehend.

You are in a physical environment of restriction of consciousness, where practically all your understanding of existence passes through one of your physical senses and is interpreted by your mind.

In this environment, understanding will inevitably restrict your consciousness, which no longer has access to essential elements of your own constitution. Access to these elements only exists when they access, on the physical plane itself, higher vibrational vibrations. In addition, you experience a reality in which there is a veil locking the existing total viewing angle.

His consciousness possesses all the elements of those who are experiencing and experiencing a more expanded vibrational reality, but is constrained by the very material experience in which they have accepted to develop.

But it's important that something is clear. Your consciousness gains a lot in this environment, for it is tested, so to speak, in every respect. You discover yourself, you know each other, you evidence your weaknesses, your developing sides, and you strengthen your already enlightened aspects. There's plenty here. There is love, there is opportunity of development as in few places of this cosmos.

However, there is also great confusion, because this lack of clarity about what they are, what they represent, hinders their being to prevent them from experiencing fullness.

But understand that it is an experience that one of your aspects is experiencing in order to seek the ennoblement of your soul, because you are forced to look at yourself rawly, without filters, without masks, in a restrictive environment. You may even wear masks, but in the end, it is your awareness with yourself. There are no subterfuges, for they are seemingly separated from everything.

Within their free will, they made all the decisions that could according to the degree of enlightenment of their consciences. It is these trajectories, these decisions, that will be the only things that will accompany them for eternity. And there is progress in this regard, because a great opportunity for recognition of their consciential limits is open.

Watch out! Look at each other! Try it without fear! Because that's what they're there for. In the end, your consciousness will be carrying an indefinable experience on subtler planes. You experience something almost incomprehensible to those on this side of the veil and therefore generate so much attention.

So, enjoy this unique moment of your existence, for it will have much to add to them. Your soul yearns for this courage, for this experimentation. Forget everything else and live in the fullness of your physical senses, give your best, for you will soon see the magnificent fruits that you have already harvested from that experience, which is the physical life on Earth.

Let my children be at peace, for it is I who am here, Lord Kumara.

Like all my love.

Lord Kumara

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - April 04, 2016.

Revision: Solange Yabushita