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Thursday, July 7, 2016

21 Day Exercise to Anchor the New - Mother Mary

May the blessings of love bring peace to their bodies, minds and hearts.

My beloved children, these are the beginning days of a new cycle, but not an annual cycle, but an inner one. It is time to calm down and seek in your hearts the call of the soul for this next period. It's time to listen.

How long have my children been programming new ways of being and asking for guidance? But now is the time to listen and create the new from the heart. This is often a painful process, because it demands dedication, trust, to know that the best will come to cherish the needy hearts already exhausted from so much struggle, from so much persecution for what one has and what one wants, but that does not say about who we are.

Children of the heart, I come today to show you something, something that will touch your soul on this journey to the unknown, on that path that you pursue with such dedication that it is self-improvement.

Now lie down, so that I can embrace you, feel my cloak that covers you now and breathe for a few seconds. Imagine yourself in a large garden, sitting on a comfortable, soft bench in the shade of a tree. The front is a beautiful stream, where the flow of the waters brings them an atmosphere of peace. Take up this place of inner peace and be there. See yourself there! The waters flow to meet a small fall and you are there feeling the energy of that place of peace and harmony.

Conquer this peace of this environment and bring it to your hearts. This peace radiates his whole body, starting from his heart and radiating from his heart to a great point of light, about a meter to the top of his head. In that moment, from your heart you make contact with your body of light, from the peace of your heart you find a superior vision of yourself, you see yourself looking at the one who is there on the edge of that stream enjoying the landscape.

Look at who you are and try to find that peace. How do you see it? Is he frightened, afraid to go ahead or are you happy to be there at that moment? Feel your own presence of peace and from it ask yourself how you see. Ask about your friends, your family, your work, the points of your life that pull you out of that peace. Be honest with yourself, go look yourself sitting at the edge of the stream and go through the various points of your life. What is it that takes away your peace and makes you rise from that place? What is the painful point of life?

Project this point from your heart, about a meter from your head and now ask your body of light because that experience is in your life. Ask for the truth and listen to it from that peace of your heart, let the information come from that point of light and radiate to your heart. There will be a soft voice that will tell you about what has led to this point where there is no peace.

From this exposition project this truth a little higher and let the healing restore your being, feel the healing being projected throughout your body, it descends and radiates your life from the truth of your body of Light. This truth is projected In your heart and radiate with all love your heart. From there you will be ready to visualize the healing of your life itself, the path of Enlightenment that will be established.

Design this healing in your life, see yourself living this healing and tell that person sitting at the edge of the stream the path of truth, peace, innocence. Design this healing in your mind and let it flow through your whole being as the truth of your life.

It is a year of resumption, my beloved ones, it is the moment of projection, of listening to the path of the soul that will radiate your Heart. It will come as a truth so strong that your life will gain another meaning. Even if at first it is not clear repeat this exercise for 21 days until this projection is fully integrated as the truth of your soul in your records.

With each day that you repeat the experience, always look for the pain that takes away the peace, imagine as being a point of light that integrates a span of your head. Elevate it to a point higher and ask for truth and higher vision. Climb up a bit and watch the healing being anchored in your heart. Listen to his voice that will descend to his heart and show the resumption of his life. Trust that this path will materialize. Ask your Guides to help you heal the pains and materialize the path of Divine Grace.

I will be with you my beloved children, because I am Mary your mother and I will be accompanying you every day in this simple exercise that will bring you clarity in this new beginning so that in this next period you will build the life you desire in your Hearts.

Be wrapped up today and always in my cloak of protection because I am Mary your mother.

Mother Mary

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - July 07,  2016.

Text revision: Ale Sunshine and Lara Rosa Branca