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Saturday, August 27, 2016

You are the Universe itself - Lord Emanuel

Greetings, Dear Brothers,

I am your brother, Lord Emmanuel, your dear brother, who loves you so much.

The love I feel for each one of you is something that magnifies me, that expands me, that makes me One with All and with you.

I know we say that, but in human terms we can not express our whole feeling. So we think of a little exercise to demonstrate everything they represent to us: imagine yourself on the top of a hill, you are sitting solitarily enjoying the sun, which is already radiating its last rays of the day. It's dusk and it's a nice late afternoon. From this hill, you appreciate all the greatness of the sky, and then you begin to imagine how great everything outside is, like the galaxies, the solar systems, the planets that in their infinity make them so small in front of everything; Irrelevant. You look and feel a little abandoned, "dust grains" in the infinity of Creation, as if they were not so important.

Now, let's reverse the scene: as you sit on that hill and enjoy the grandeur of everything, we watch you and the whole Universe watches you. The Love you radiate, in observing the universal beauty, is so great that, at that moment, the whole Universe embraces them. You are wrapped in the Universe and have just become the center of it. The only longing of this infinite Universe is to serve you, to love you, it is as if, at that moment, everything that God created, it existed only for you, My Noble Brothers.

This is how we see it as the most important "pieces" of this moment of Creation.

You, Beloved Brothers, are at the center of the Universe, on Earth, at a time when all of Creation supports you, so that you may discover how great and important the role they play in this moment is in expanding the Universe itself.

There is no limit to our Love and gratitude for you.

You are the Universe itself, which at the moment only wants to serve you.

Allow us to embrace you in thanks to all that you do.

Feel our embrace of Love and gratitude, My Beloved Masters.

We love you beyond the limits of the Universe itself, and you are immeasurable to Creation by all that you accomplish.

Feel the unity that comes from within you to unify them in the gratitude that the Universe has for each one of you at this time.

With all my love,

Lord Emanuel

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - August 27, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita