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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Transcending the human - Saint Germain

There is a certain day in our existence that we simply stop striving to be. On that day we may discover that we do not have to force, fight, have a formed opinion, have knowledge. We will stop seeking inner silence, perhaps even these messages will not interest you anymore, because you will be in peace, clean inwardly.

We all go through a process of inner healing and development. But one day it will all be balanced within you. Perhaps you will lose your desire to be silent because the silence will be there; She will cease to seek happiness because she will be there; There will be great peace within you.

On that day you will know that something happened. You will be fine, with a strange feeling that you no longer need to seek, study, attend seminars, none of that matters, or not. But inside you will know that all is well, that there is nothing that is not out of place.

Your thoughts will be silenced, your pains will be gone, problems will still be there, but you will no longer see them like this. On that day, you may continue your routine, but it will no longer take you out of balance. It will be your life on Earth and the best you can do, given the circumstances. It may be the richest day of your life, because inside you will have absolutely everything you need.

You will rise and stop asking why you are here, because you are alive and will begin to feel your life. Your mind will not understand this state, but you will feel it in your interior. You will be the peace and the human who has transcended life, passed through your thoughts, through your pains and could be happy.

It is unsettling for a human not to do, not to have to struggle, but this is how the masters live, without this state of search, of struggle, because they are clean of their own energy that restricts it.

In the struggle for uplift, effort may be part of your healing process, but one day you will realize that it has already occurred and you no longer feel the need to continue to heal. This is the day of enlightenment!

Strangely, you will still have your family, your activities, but this will no longer be a challenge. You will be this peace, your own healing. It is an unconcerned, enlightened state of love, peace, and inner happiness.

Your body will be there in the same way. Maybe people notice some difference in you, or maybe, no. Externally, you will be the same human, but internally, something will have changed. You have transcended life and you do not know how that is, because it does not matter anymore. You are a master and you will live as one!

Maybe today you are an emotional whirlwind, something still bubbles inside you and you think you will hardly get there. And I tell you that this shard of today is the crystal of tomorrow, beautiful, beautiful and rare. Of incomparable beauty, and perhaps on that day you will remember those words or not, but that will not matter either.

With all my love.

Master Saint Germain

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - August 17, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.