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Saturday, August 6, 2016

The time of the soul - Archangel Gabriel

Me (Thiago) was looking at the landscape of the photo below, thinking that there were at least 500 million years ago in which time, waters, winds and all nature interacted so that today we can have just this privileged view. A gift.

Horseshoe's Valley - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Although I do not understand geology. I imagined the power of the waters, the winds, and everything else to sculpt this landscape over time. That's when Archangel Gabriel told me some words that I now share with you.

This experience led me to reflect how brief our lives are in the face of the history of the earth, nature and the universe. As in such a fast passage we cling so much to the details and we stop living what makes us good.

Fluid is the eternity of life that transmits everything we feel, experience and experience. Everything changes in the eternity of life in which nothing is solid enough to resist the force of Love.

Love is like the "water that hits the rock" which, over time, dissolves the most impervious resistances. The Cosmos is thus made of that malleable force, which is the energy of life. It is modified, transmuting everything that is solid, that dissolves in itself.

Thus is the Source of God / Father / Mother life: an energy as malleable as the "water that beats the rock," which has many states, various forms, but always reaches its destination by seeking the softer path of Creation.

So are the souls that make up the Creation: they are like the rocks dissolved in the core of the Source by the Love of God.

This is the universal destiny: just as "water breaks the barriers to meet the ocean," the soul breaks the resistances to the way of the Love of God. "Water dissolves in the ocean," and consciousness dissolves into the Love of God.

The path is not unique, but destiny is. God has patience to wait for "water to pass the rock to dissolve in the ocean," just as to wait for Love to open the hearts that resist to feel His Love.

Patience is the secret of life. Walk with the confidence that despite the rocks on the way, Love is the hardest material of all Creation, because it is irresistible.

There is no reason to fear a different destiny, for from the cradle we have come and we will return there.

Be in peace.

I am Gabriel

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Aug 06, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita