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Monday, August 1, 2016

The first step to mastery is the inner truth - Lady Master Mirian

Dear Brothers! Greetings from our Fraternity of Masters!

I would like to talk about your feelings, your emotions and your ability to open up, sincerely, to what you hold within you.

Your world has taught you to justify yourself, to create justifications to convince yourself of what you think you are. You justify the very character created in your mind, which is not you!

When you justify yourself, you stop your feeling, because you stifle your real emotion, and thus you no longer discover yourself. It is a rational justification for a feeling that springs from the heart and thus they are locked! They are bound to love, to fullness, to their essence, to gratitude and to show themselves to the world.

This character is much more comfortable because he protects them from fragility, vulnerability, imperfections.

Just look at their social networks that are made by "superhumans", and in the spiritual cycles, by pure, benevolent humans, committed to the cause. But do you know where the feelings of these humans are? Hidden behind the character.

You select what you want to display to the world and the rest is paralyzed, stuck, but that rest is you, My Beloveds.

You block "what you are" because you can not show yourself to the world in your truth. There is a lot of morality to be overcome, there is a lot of belief to be overcome, there is the world to judge you.

I do not say that you should show the world everything "what you are" (your pains, your regrets, your weaknesses), but at least be true to yourself, do not block your feelings. It is allowed to feel everything "what they are". You are human, with feelings, with emotions and, the least you deserve, is the surrender to your own truth. It hurts (the truth)! Let it hurt, but feel it, because that is you too.

When you close yourself to your truth, you cease to be happy. You wear the "character outfit" and justify yourself, stop your emotions, and it hurts too. It is from there that they create the hardest experiences of life, because they stray from the path, trying to hide from themselves.

No more, Beloved Ones! It is time to be truthful, to take their pains, to assume their beliefs, to assume their imperfection, and thus to open themselves to the gratitude of life, to the happiness they deserve to receive. To open up and feel like members of our fraternal brotherhood.

The first step to mastery is inner truth. It is to look without justification, see your eyes in the mirror and open your heart. Cry, get angry, be angry at your actions, but allow yourself to at least have those emotions. Do not get caught up in life, do not get caught up in your happiness. Be, be and be true, without justification!

Not to justify is to feel, to be moved, to let hurt and thank for the opportunity of purification.

Be in Peace, My Brothers. Have Faith in life, that you deserve it all.

Lady Master Miriam

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - August 1, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.