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Saturday, August 13, 2016

The ego is not the villain of its existence - Master Jesus

Greetings, Brothers!

The ego is a sacred instrument granted by God to each one of you. It is the instrument of protection of the physical body, of interior protection and development of the essence. You see it as a limiter of consciousness, when, in fact, it is a catalyst of the essence.

It is through the ego that they develop the strength and the wisdom in dealing with their own inner adversities. You insert the soul into the physical reality where, underlying it, consciousness remains.

Consciousness does not manifest clearly in physical reality; It becomes obfuscated by the ego, becoming concealed. It is as if their consciousness immersed in matter to give them the opportunity of elevation. There is the prevailing physical reality and, underlying it, the consciousness.

At a first glance, you may imagine that the ego is overshadowing the true essence, when in fact it is giving them the opportunity to rise in essence. It dazzles your conscience, precisely so that you can carry out a process of inner search of yourselves and thus highlight all that you are through self-knowledge.

The ego, therefore, is not the villain of its existence, but an instrument, a tool, that forces them to seek and make their essence prevail over any and all experience presented to them. You know yourselves from your restraint, and so you can become enlightened in what you did not even know you possessed.

The ego is the identification with the thoughts and characters created by the mind. You create the mental characters and believe that these thoughts are yours, relative to their essence. You live those thoughts as if they were you. And that is the ego!

The human mind creates thousands of characters for its physical life. There is the character friend, employee, husband, boyfriend, father, mother, son and each set of thoughts has a character that helps them cope with the situations of physical life. These characters are formed by a set of thoughts learned and absorbed from society. There are thousands of daily thoughts that direct them, where humans identify with them as if these thoughts were themselves. The essence immerses in the ego.

But the ego, which is precisely this set of automata thoughts in its interior, leads to experiences that say nothing about its essence. At a certain moment, the Being becomes aware that it is these thoughts that are leading them to a life of struggle, pain and suffering. He becomes aware that it is the identification with these thoughts that leads him to unwanted experiences and in disagreement with his essence.

Making contact with the fact that identification with thoughts is what creates reality, he begins the process of healing, which is precisely to detach himself from these characters that are in his mind. At that moment, the Self begins to free itself from the suffering of its life and begins the process of disidentification of its mind and the encounter with its essence.

By identifying your ego, the set of characters and thoughts, the Being finds its essence and begins to achieve a life of peace, prosperity, abundance and happiness. He begins the process of meeting his fullness and interior abandonment of the characters of his life. There is the meeting of true inner happiness.

The essence stands out, strengthens and affirms itself as you recognize that the thoughts of your mind are not you. The ego becomes a catalyst for the development of your consciousness. Through earthly experience, the Self becomes master of itself.

But this process only begins when the Being becomes aware that its thoughts say nothing about its essence, and that the human being does not have total control over his own thoughts and that these are automata produced by the ego and human emotions. While there is no such awareness, the Self does not dissociate itself from the pain and suffering of the earthly experience, for it experiences its own characters.

It is when he takes contact with his essence that, inwardly, he abandons his characters, accesses his essence and attains inner peace: true happiness and fullness. It is through the ego that you have a rare opportunity to meet yourselves in the process of pursuing your essence, by untying your thoughts.

The ego grants them the wonderful opportunity to know themselves in all their essence, by overshadowing all that they are. For the consciousness is hidden by an energy that restricts and compresses you, you end up being forced to study, to know, to seek, in a hard process of experiencing yourselves, at the limit of existence.

Life on Earth takes you to the edge, and in that moment you make contact with what you are. It is a much slower process in higher realms, where only Love reigns. The ego provides them with a great opportunity to seek just by restricting them. He restricts them so that they can contact their darkness and clear them through a process of inner purification.

But they will only become aware of the growth they have in this experience, when they return from physical life and can, with the help of their mentors, verify the great advances they make in experiencing this experience.

Reflect deeply on this lesson, My Brothers. Here is the key to meeting and creating a life of Love, fullness and full inner happiness.

From his loving brother,

Master Jesus

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - August 13, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita.