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Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Know yourself" and discover your own beauty - Archeia Constance

Dear Brothers! Greetings from the Realms of Light!

The soul is a particle of Light of what they are, of what they represent. A monadic detachment from the Light of your Being. But Being, this particle, does not mean Being less, for in it there is all the Light wisdom of your Higher Self accessible to each through Love, the inner gaze and through the development of intuition .

It is as if they carried in a small container all the wisdom of the ages, for in that fragment there is the best, the strongest, and the wisest.

It is through Love that they learn to balance everything they carry within themselves. It is as if all these energies have been released within you, and through your experiences you learn to balance everything you hold within yourself. Realize: all this is within you. And as they learn to use the tools, there is a harmony that is created that allows new and more modern tools to be made available.

There is a realization that is happening through self-knowledge. You begin to know each other, but we say about a detached and sincere knowing, and this provokes you to challenge yourself, to seek you; You begin to love yourself. "Know thyself" and discover its beauty, which will lead you to love yourself. It is an inner cycle of knowledge, Love, more wisdom, more resources and more experiences.

You stop judging, because you seek to know yourself. You stop pointing out what bothers you, and start looking for what is true, what is joyful, what pulses within. They abandon what they do not like and are only sought after. And thus they awaken more and more to all that they are, in expanding consciousness.

It is as if they are "bubbles" of wisdom and Light within and they burst as you expand. These "bubbles" guard the Light that allows access to more and more knowledge. It is a process of liberation, understanding, understanding and pursuit of the balance of all the energies that you hold within you.

So is the earthly experience, where the ego, the mind protects them from all that they represent. They determine what can be released, protecting you from yourself, and as you dilute within you, you release everything that was not accessible. You would not bear all the wisdom you have, without the progressive understanding of the laws of life. It is a system where more Light supports more Light and thus, progressively, expand, love and seek. You accelerate or slow down the process according to what you support.

But, my Beloved Ones, the physical life imposes so much restriction on the conscience! You accept the restrictive impositions of society and thus hinder the very process of awakening, of loving and releasing from what binds you, and of accessing everything you already have within you.

That is why we repeat: Love comes from within and purifies us from the restrictions of walking, allowing the expansion of Love itself. Release, seek, be human in essence, but be spirits in the heart. Feel the human within you (emotions, fears, traumas), but look at this human through the soul, of the ancestral wisdom within you. Balance the "game" of life, between the human being and the spiritual being. Feel the beauty you hold within yourself and love each other so that you can just expand into Love.

Accept life with your mishaps, with your difficulties, with your gentle days. But use each of these experiences to look, to seek out what it causes, and from there to balance everything that is. It is a "game" of searching, of Love and balance. And, at the end of this game, there is access to everything that already is: there is fullness and ancestral knowledge, there is Love and eternal happiness.

Be in Peace in the quest for wholeness.

Constance, Divine Complement of Jofiel

Channel: Thiago Strapasson - August 11, 2016

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita