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Monday, August 1, 2016

It's time to get out of the box - Lady Master Nada

Beloved Children, Greetings!

There is something within you that needs to be revealed, needs to expand, and for that you must show yourself in all its essence.

It is no longer the time to hide, to live within your "spiritual box," without showing your love to the world. It's time to "get out of this box" that isolates them!

You have kept yourselves, therefore, do not show how vulnerable you can be in your deeds, your lifestyles and your noble mission of planetary upliftment.

There is a great heart in your chest, which has its imperfections, which is subject to the changes of mood and difficulties of life, but why not surrender of soul to all that imperfection that they think that they possess within you?

I see no imperfection, but if they see it, show the world how beautiful this imperfection is that makes them perfect. It is embracing our own imperfection that we assume to the world that we are, yes, flawed, imperfect, but that we can love ourselves anyway.

There is much demand among you for the beauty and purity of the spiritual path, where life needs to be beautiful, with peace, kindness and balance. But if not, how do you feel? Why do they have to be spiritual if they are human, vulnerable to the luck of chance and to the game of life? Why control something that by nature is flawed and vulnerable?

Love only exists from our own recognition, without masks, without doubts, without letting ourselves down and accepting that everything we believe is done by the wind: it passes through us and goes away.
We are not, we are! We are vulnerable to life, to events, and everything we have can be taken from us now! This is the beauty of life: embrace and leap with open arms in all this magic, which is the vulnerability of life.

Be vulnerable, be imperfect, but have acceptance.

Live all that doubt, that life that is not the dream ideal, but like the one who gives himself in a dance to his partner, in trust that will hold you. To have self-love, to like yourself and to surrender in a vulnerable way to the imperfection that we are.

This is the end of life. Because one day or another, we will all have to give ourselves to our imperfection, our vices, our weaknesses and why it can not be now? To be imperfect may be the perfection of the world; Being vulnerable may be the best way to control life and not be subjected to any social whim. Only be in essence our own vulnerability and imperfection!

I was among you, but it was from a vulnerable life that I rose from the most imperfect of life, in which I discovered that everything else was belief in my mind and what I imagined as an ideal would never be attained. That day, I stopped wanting to be something, and it was me. I stopped wanting to do it, I accepted myself and so I began to love myself and who would say: it was when I discovered my imperfection, that they accepted me as perfect. For a long time, I sought the perfection that many claimed to possess, but it was when I discovered my imperfection that I discovered who it was.

Perfection is in the heart and not in the mind. Control is in delivery and trust, in accepting the vulnerability. Love is in discovering that we belong to a much larger family than they have taught us and that we all deserve, just because we belong, and nothing more.

It is of the Love that we belong to, it is the Acceptance that we are, it is the Delivery to the life that we love. And from there, we are perfect because we stop wanting to be. We are just imperfect and vulnerable to life.

Love yourself, be vulnerable, be imperfect, but be you, for beauty is far from all moral content, which has been said to be true. Nothing else is true, apart from its own imperfection in the eyes of the world.

Be in Peace, My Brothers, in the Graces of God.

Lady Master Nada

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - August 1, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.