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Monday, July 4, 2016

They radiate understanding to their rulers - Master El Morya

Greetings, Children of Light!

I am El Morya and I come today to tell you about the course of this nation, about the conflicts they face and that haunts them because of everything that is exposed.

I bless you, Noble Souls, because you are the ones who, collectively, first decided to expose everything that was covered up and, together, transmute the karmic relations of other ages. A long time ago, a group of brothers who haunted this world needed to be exposed, for the inner purification of all.

Remember that all are children of the same Source and that just like you, at one time or another, everyone will have to face their own consciences. It is the Universal Law of the Expansion of All That Is. Sooner or later, each child of Creation will go through their personal confrontations to rebalance their actions toward the Light.

Do not think, My Brothers, that those who, because of greed, greed, revanchism, the struggle unbridled by the egoic power, also do not have their personal pains. They have walked the path of disloyalty, of darkness, as many of us have done in other times. But just like you, they are experiencing harsh existential confrontations. They are being exposed in a tough process that causes them also immense pain.

Do not hold hatred, anger, contempt for these brethren, for the Law of Moral Causality will lead you to feel, in the same intensity and depth, all the pain your actions have caused to other brethren. And believe me: when they take charge of their spiritual nature, they will realize the extent of everything they have done against themselves and others.

I want to tell you something very important: the Light will always be the balm of all hearts exhausted and weary of struggle, war and suffering. We are all One and from the same Father, although some by their own learning, deviate from the Law of Love.

But it was precisely these noble brothers who provided us with the experiences of confrontations that will lead us to greater enlightenment. Dignify these beloved brethren, who are exposed to purging a collective karma of other times, periods that are older than they can conceive.

And so, like any of us, they will have their opportunity to rediscover consciousness. They will be led by the Law of Moral Reaction to the energetic environments they attend to with their attitudes and we will not be the ones responsible for it, but the very acts of unlove that were practiced by them.

Then I ask you to continue to radiate Love, Peace, Understanding, Compassion to the pain of all the Sons of Creation, for it is Love, which radiates from the heart center of each one of us, which is providing this cleanness Collective

Continue your beautiful work and give your powerful God-Father-Mother your lives, trusting that each child will receive, in the exact measure, the return of the acts that he practiced.

I bless you, My Beloved Army of Light, that you may be in Peace and that only Love abide in your Hearts.

I am El Morya

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - July 4, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.