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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Mission of Every Lightworker - Master Serapis Bey

Dear Brothers,

We came to bring you a message of balance in the group walk, so that you seek each other in cooperation and brotherhood.

We see many intrigues and misconceptions among beings who are on a planetary mission of anchoring and elevating the Light. There is a general confusion that is often caused: first, because many fail to believe in their own inner potential; Second, because they are constantly seeking external responses and forget to look within themselves for the understanding of their mission and process; Third, because they do not understand that they are in a mutual support team with various functions.

Among beings who anchor missions to planetary development are those who come with the task of enlightening, bringing ideas, and often being the bridge of contact between the two sides of the veil: these are the "Counters of the Path," whose mission Is to anchor Wisdom, Love, Faith through your own exposition. You know them and you know who we are talking about.

These blessed brothers are those who have accepted the mission of their exposition in order to maintain the purity of the project and not let others forget their purpose. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg that is exposed. There is much more that does not appear to be what it is.

We say this because we see many brothers seeking a foothold in those who have the specific mission of keeping the course through the teaching and their own personal exposure.

But, My Beloved Ones, much would be facilitated if they understood that they were in a true army of Lightworkers and Lightworkers, and there were even some self-sacrificing warriors who devote a lifetime to this service.

You are in a group of Healers, Anchorers, Therapists, Musicians, Artists, Humans, whose mission is simply to listen to those who need to expose their pains and anchor energy through the gaze and the support of the hands. Ah, how great is all this!

There are among you those who meditate so that others are at peace and there are those whose mission is to keep close to nature, anchoring pure energy from the planet to others.

There is an energetic connection between you, where the work of one helps the others to continue the path of the Light. It is something invisible that they realize unconsciously, because it is added to their mission of soul in this plane.

We say this because there are Counters who think they have all the answers, or Workers who think to see, in these Counters, the solutions to their questions. But none of you have all the answers! And for this reason, we often see the Overloaded Counters in their questionings and some Anchorers, Meditators, Workers and even Healers, idle and without the opportunity to seek their highest potential in mutual aid.

You all come with specific missions, whose purpose is to learn and understand the meaning of brotherhood, and mutual support. It's like a machine that works perfectly only if it has all of its active and perfect parts.

But when you put your expectations, for example, in the response of a Guru, you stop looking for your own process, stop seeking the fulfillment of your soul mission, and take the opportunity for help from the one who was destined to do it.

Often what they need is an outstretched hand that will radiate pure energy from Source on the physical plane, something invisible to their eyes. Therefore, we have brought the Light Bearers and the Energy Anchorers. At other times, you will be undergoing a process of healing and personal coping, in which a Gauge can help very little, and then you will need a Therapist or Energy Healer. Or even in a moment of great anxiety, the presence of a Meditator will suffice, who will immediately feel the relief he radiates to everyone around him. It's a team, Beloved Ones! It's something big, really big and strategically done.

But when you look for the answers without listening to the Heart, seeking only those who, by mission, are naturally exposed and therefore come to their minds, we will have two complications: first, you will still be in the old energy of seeking something external; Second, you will be failing to know and support each other.

There are Workers who do the highest and most invisible work among you, whose mission is to listen, to smile, to support, to channel messages of peace through your soft and sweet gestures.

Not that there is the most important among all, but each piece only works well if it is in perfection with the whole. And the work of a Display would be very slow without the Energetic Anchorer, without the benevolence and help of the Healer or without the one who is the daily example in his attitudes.

From this, we can draw some important points: first, you must look internally to understand your soul mission and your own healing process; Second, they must expose their mastery, their longings, their desires, so that others may know their gifts of the heart, which are also so important among you. But all this must be done free of all ego, abandoning the will and being true to your liking, to what makes you well, because if each one pursues his process in a sincere and true way, all others will be supported and loved among Yes.

The way, My Brothers, is to allow your innate soul gifts to radiate, which may simply be to smile and anchor the so important energy of joy. No matter, the answer is always in your heart and never outwardly. More than that: you should seek what rejoices you to give and do your best.

Knowing your own process, you will know in your heart, which you seek in fraternal aid. Often, you look for a Gauge when you need a Healer, or someone who has the patience and pleasure to simply listen to you, to reach out. Or they need those who call their attention for being more energetic. In short, each one will have his special gift given by God to give.

Nowadays, with the technologies already available in your world, you no longer need to be in the same physical place to provide this mutual help, but you need to: first, know your process; Second, expose that which rejoices and makes them true; Third, to know one another and to unite with heart and without egos to the task of anchoring the Light; Fourth, seek those who, in the face of difficulty, will bring the right gifts to offer them. Thus, they will be optimizing this beautiful fraternal egrégora of the Light that form between them.

I bless you and leave you to jointly feel your soul purpose and from there to radiate mutual and fraternal help among all who stand in your way.

With all the love.

Serapis Bey

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - July 29, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.
Translation : Patricia Nogueira