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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The inner power is much greater than they conceive - Master Mirian

May the love of God enlighten you, My Brothers.

The inner power is much greater than they conceive.

You have not yet been able to detach yourself from the three-dimensional idea of ​​your experiences.

You believe you are living in a material environment devoid of energy.

You still perceive life through your senses.

But none of this exists, My Loves.

Around you, there is only consciousness and energy. And your consciousness interacts with energies, you amplify, create vortices, resonances, all through your actions. Your world is energetic.

There are simple experiences that show this to you because often the emotional destabilization of the parents can cause the loss of physical health of the children, just as the balance will make them more confident and serene adults.

Everything is energy. You exchange energy at all times: in your conversations, in your actions, in your relationships. Everything happens through energy exchange and interaction.

Some may think that the channellers, the healers, the sensitive mediums have special energies that place them in that position. And we see many of you, Lightworkers, exclaiming that you came without gifts and you would not have much to share.

Oh, My Loves, how three-dimensional, how shallow that thought.

If everything is energy, a smile becomes capable of healing a soul wound, a hug, an act of empowerment.

You are God's children, just like everyone else, and you are anchoring energies in each of your actions, in every interaction of your day.

This, My Beloveds, is your greatest gift. And through it, from the simple act of being, that will anchor on Earth, the most subtle and benevolent energies of all Creation.

Simply be, in authenticity.

But look at responsibility, because whenever you become unbalanced, immersed in your inner darkness, you also anchor these energies to the earth plane. All of you, Beloved, without exception, are channels of Light. Channels that become words, acts, Love, affection, when they are balanced and radiated by their inner authenticity.

You are energetic magnets that anchor the energies that sustain through your Hearts.

If you hold on Love, Wisdom, Peace, you are radiating those feelings to those around you in a ray unimaginable to your three-dimensional mind. But dense energies reverberate too, so much their responsibility on the earthly plane.

Understand, My Loves, that you are involved in a gigantic Energetic Mantle and that the separation of your physical and bodily senses is but a sweet illusion of this experience. And understand that energies are channeled, not just from writing or speaking, but from a look, to simply staying at peace in a situation of conflict. These are the greatest channels because they are converted into works.

Our Master Jesus is the greatest example of this: he anchored magnificent energies on the earth plane, and the great Master who, without ever having written a single word, recorded a single speech. Through his love, he taught, healed, he was devout, and he fulfilled his mission of anchoring love in the heart of every brother in this orb, open to receive.

Acts often have more energy than much that they understand as supernatural. Just get out of your mental box and feel everything that surrounds you.

And above all, My Brothers, remember the planetary pain of your orb and hold in your hearts the recovery of this pain. This is your greatest contribution, because you create beyond what your mind shows you.

I bless you because I am Master Mirian.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - July 13, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita.