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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The cure for our deepest pains - Mother Mary

May the blessings of Love bring peace to our bodies, minds and hearts.

My beloved children! Radiate the blessings that you hold within yourself with absolute surrender to service for the Light.

For many lives, they walked through meanders unknown to Love, they sought ways that led them to pain and suffering, led from their fears and doubts. All this, caused them to accumulate negative energies in their interior that, at that moment, becomes purified.

It is time, my sweet children, to turn all this inner pain into Wisdom and Light into life.

How easy it is to walk to the Light from the illumination of our pains, from our bodies asleep by the very darkness that we create within us!

I want you to understand that the pain of the ages, which have accumulated over lives and lives, is a blessing of God on the path of purification. In making contact with these pains, you become aware of your developing aspects and thereby free yourself from the "bonds" that have held you for a long time to the duality of life.

It is from the moment that, consciously, they cease to "nourish" these inner pains, ceasing to give support to those lesser energies that still hold within themselves, that the process of inner purification begins.

You cease to "feed" these energies of fear, anguish, doubt, suffering, and these energies begin to "empty" to "nourish" your consciousness of Light and Wisdom.

It is from our contact with our Body of Light, from contact with our Divine Essence, that our elements of pain are transmuted into Light and Wisdom into our own consciousness.

You disconnect yourself from these inner energies, from these aching bodies, because they become, in those times, unbearable burdens to be carried forward.

And it is through surrender, acceptance, taking contact with these pains and allowing them to feel them, which you progressively release. So they walk back to the Light and the full Love of God.

It is a blessed and perfect process because it was planned by God to make your children even stronger and happier.

Healing, Beloved Ones, occurs through the acceptance of our own darkness, of contact with our deepest pains, and of the ability to detach ourselves from those pains, that we are healing ourselves and thus progressing in the eternal evolution of the soul.

I bless you with all my heart, my beloved children, and I wrap you in my Mantle of Protection so that you understand how blessed the healing process you experience.

It is, from it, that each day will be illuminating in the return to fullness, which is the heart of God.

Be in peace, my sweet children!

With all my love.

Your mother, Mary.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - July 31, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.


Translation: Patricia Nogueira