Friday, July 15, 2016

Love and God - Thiago Strapasson

Love is immeasurable. We are not able to measure, explain, or even talk about. We can only feel it.

It is because love is not explicable, it simply is everything. It is life, it is death, it is light and shadow, love is simply God.

And if we are not able to explain or understand God it is because it is made of love. Love and God, two inexplicable words that mean the same thing: everything that exists in creation.

Just as God is everything, so is love. But love is more because it simply allows everything to exist. Love is the alloy, it is magnetism, it is the union, the glue of life. It is through it that each particle unites energetically to another. Love is physics, mathematics, for it is perfect and dictates the laws of the cosmos. He is the regent and God is his expander. God expands love through his sons and daughters, so God rules love.

Love rules God and God rules the universe, which is made of love. One does not dissociate from the other, for God does not exist without love and love does not exist without God. Both are everything. And all without them is the nothingness, the emptiness, the existential vacuum.

Two inexplicable words that mean everything that exists, God and love.

Two energies that we are, God and love.

Love and praise creation, for this is the only possible reverence for God.

Love yourselves, for you will reverence God.

May God and love bless you.

From a loving brother.

Thiago Strapasson - July 15, 2016


Translation : Patricia Nogueira