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Thursday, July 7, 2016

It may be your last chance - Lord Lanto


How many sensations, how many loves, how many feelings we deprive in our earthly journey!

We delay a word, a conversation, a caring, a fraternal hug, because we have other commitments.

We forget the tenderness, the look, the emotions, because we have many material commitments.

Our mind is that it impels us to be always doing, seeking, building and attracting security to our life.

And with that, we often miss the opportunity to meet a new friend, to have a new experience, even to see our children grow up.

Have you kissed those you love today? Have you looked into their eyes and simply smiled with a low forehead in thanks? What is life made of without the sublime feelings derived from fraternal affection?

You know, Sons, in my passages on Earth, I have come from this side of the veil and have often shown me how the mind takes us from the heart, because it is always impelling us to life and, precisely, Essence that comes down to Love.

In earthly life, we have to project our consciousness into acts so that there is manifestation. In density, our desires require persistence, without dwindling, just continued focus. It is different in the Realms of Light, where the momentary imbalance can generate great damages.

In density, we can become unbalanced, because the manifestation is not immediate. It requires continued focus. So there is no need for a perfect balance at all times in this dimension. There is the possibility of entering into the intricacies of the mind and returning to the heart, observing what every sensation, every emotion causes in your physical body. Each act will bring about a certain reaction that can be modified through the Light of the Heart. There is time between the effects of manifestation and momentary focus.

To reach the more subtle realms, the balance is much more required, for the manifestation occurs instantaneously, as well as the dilution of feelings. The being needs to be in constant vigil. And this demands unconditional Love, the maturing of emotions, watching over, looking at oneself. It is a state in which energy alignment is required. But it is not different from density, for although there is no immediate manifestation in this plane - which is an opportunity to train the patience so required in the Realms of Light for maintaining balance - you manifest many dismay in this plane, which is reflected in the Law Moral of the Reaction of Consciousness.

It takes balance and Love that manifests itself through constant affection, gentleness, meekness and peaceful conduct. So we ask you: are you peaceful with those who cross paths? Are you loving with everyone in your day to day? You see, we do not say that they bow to the will of others, that they may "give up" their authenticity, but only that they keep their inner strength centered on the heart with respect and patience to all. If they are not able to remain in this state in the material realm, there is no possibility of access to higher spheres where manifestation is immediate.

It is heart-centered that each of your attitudes will become a work of Light on the earth plane.

I bless you with all my heart.

I am Lord Lanto

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - July 7, 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita