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Sunday, June 12, 2016

What would the words do if they could not be tested? - Master Jesus


What great progress they have made in understanding the Love that permeates their experiences, for it is in the difficulty that the disciple attests to himself; It is in adversity that the lessons are put to the test.

What use would the words have if they could not be tested, tried and tested?

Words would turn into vain speeches, just as the ancient Pharisees did. Thus the disciple descends into the thickest darkness to demonstrate his inner strength, his capacity for rebirth from the very ashes of his being.

The Lightworkers are great examples in this respect, for they are usually attracted to positions or family groups where the karmic "moorings" are so dense that in order to overcome them they can count only on their own inner strength, so that , Can undo them.

And it is also a great opportunity to prove to yourself that lessons and words have been incorporated into your soul. They are attracted to places where there are so many dense, karmic bonds that, in respect to free will, the forces of Light are prevented from entering. But it is an opportunity, too, to show themselves that the lessons of the spiritual schools have been learned with praise.

And the Lightworkers know that in these environments they will contact only with themselves, but with their courage and insight of their heart, and because they desire their profound evolution, they enter these environments with the mission of undoing the "moorings" and demonstrating to the Too much how it can be done.

They pass, therefore, by hard moments, heavy tests, for in this tangle they rely only on their own wisdom to get to the core of their truth. And once you let go of those strong bonds you assume, new tests are brought to make them even stronger in your walk. These are the final proofs of the lessons studied in other spheres.

Of course, on this path some people get in the way, they deviate and often lose themselves in the face of the difficulty of allowing the irradiation of their Light in the midst of the darkness. And even that is not a problem, because everyone knew the risks they would face as they entered these restrictive environments, which further accentuated their own darkness. They will just have to go back to the school benches and again study the lessons for a new learning test.

But there is the moment when the Light prevails, the truth rises before the Being that accepted the challenge. And this truth becomes so strong that the spaces are opened so that many can follow it.

As you radiate your Light, you are given permission so that all help shines to support the path. The heavens begin to open their way, for in bearing the lesson they have given permission to receive help from their Light.

At that moment synchronicities begin. The path becomes easier, the way the doors open, for the Worker has transcended his personal proofs and demonstrated in his humility that he is able to keep words and endure many others in his Light.

So it is you, My Nobles, who awaken, to let Your Light radiate.

That in the humility of their attitudes, they endured the trials and transcended them, without grief, without rancor, without hatred, but thanking and understanding the benevolence of experience.

They saw in the experience, often the opportunity of the karmic cleaning, of surpassing the ego. The words became a radiant Light.

This is the way they go: to transcend their own lessons to allow Light and Love to transmute all the experience they experience, to enter the path of the cosmic dance of the flow and synchrony of Love.

From his loving brother,

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Jun 12, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita