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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What they feel inside - Saul

Dear Brothers,

May only Peace and Love be shining in trust and surrender in your life.

The time has come, My Beloved Ones, to realize that everything you live is an illusion!

I know this has already been said and repeated, but the time has come to really feel it, to feel the unreality they live.

Some may say that hunger, pain, and fear are real because they are felt in the physical body ... but even this is transient and serves only to attest to the unreality of physical life. These are only signs of the deviations they commit, to remind them that the road is another.

There is nothing that you experience that is absolutely real, unless you question it within.

Everything outside you is a collective creation, a sweet illusion of an experience you have entered. An illusion that became so real in the collective consciousness that it made them lose the connection with themselves and with the Realms of Light.

You have so strongly believed in this physical life that you have forgotten your eternal nature, your Divine Connection.

Life, then, has become an automated living, where they follow the news of their media and follow the collective tendencies, as if all this were the profound truth that affects them.

It is not easy to get this perception clearly, because you get involved, irritated, bothered about everything around you, the judgments you make about yourself, and life itself.

But the time has come, that you will be incorporating such Light, that you will feel your inner connection.

It is such a deep connection that you will begin to wonder what is true in your life.

And I tell you that they will no longer care about the opinion of others, because it will be a truth so latent that they will even understand those who do not want to see.

It is a truth that will come from the bottom of the soul, where the world will be seen from a superior perspective, with surrender, acceptance, so that life is lived with mastery.

This inner connection will open them to contact with the Realms of Light with their own Divine Connection and the answers will simply come because they will clearly understand the difference of the mind and its inner wisdom.

You will feel your own presence unrelated to material experience, and this will simply enable you to feel your innate wisdom. She will come to you.

But the first step is to feel the "great theater" they live. It is not knowing that there is something more than you are able to observe, but rather you feel the true reality that is around you.

With the opening of this connection, a new perspective on life will come to you.

So do not be surprised when many begin to question what life is made of and what really matters. This is only the first step of the great awakening: being detached from this reality, inwardly and not through the mind.

It is not a matter of knowing, but of feeling the true reality.

This connection will come from within to radiate your whole being, to make you feel the true reality of life.

Be aware of this feeling that springs from your soul to invade you with Love.

I leave you with all my love because I am Saul.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – June 08, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.