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Saturday, June 4, 2016

The transformation of the shadows - Master Hilarion

May we be under the blessings of our Father.

There is only one direction of soul-walking, one purpose. Although they have free will to deviate from this Heart walk, sooner or later all will be brought to this unique end.

It is the way of overcoming the ego, the mind, to follow the road dictated by the Heart. Essence leads them to purge everything that obscures their being, to erase all inner shadows. Walking to enlightenment to shine its purity is the only way.

You push yourself, you experience wisdom, you learn to feel Love, and you balance to discover yourself in purity. From the purity of our Father, we have all come and will return there.

And for purity to shine forth in all its truth, we must abdicate our shadows, overcoming our confrontations, so that our Light becomes more and more evident.

There are inner shadows that erase our inner brilliance, but note the charisma of any human being, which they have as an example of enlightenment. They are enlightened and possess a radiant charisma in their own way. Their shadows are almost imperceptible, for they are overshadowed by the Light.

When the being passes through his learning, his experiences, his pains, and from these experiences he draws lessons that sublimate him, he overcomes his shadows and replaces them with Light. Therefore, enlightened beings are naturally attractive and brilliant.

It is as if these shadows, which follow us, erase some of the natural glow that the purity of our being can radiate. But as these shadows are replaced by trust, humility, wisdom, devotion, and other sublime energies, such as faith in God, there is a natural charism that radiates from our being.

The shadows "erase" us because they bring feelings of inferiority, meanness, selfishness, moving us away from the natural glow of our essence. But when these shadows become the purity of the Inner Light, then the Light radiates to all those who cross our path.

In this experience of incarnation, you have the free will to "plunge" into your own shadows or to overcome them, so that you leave that experience richer than you entered, nobler, more pure ...

It is an experience of purging everything that "blots out" their brilliance, which leads them to pain and suffering. But it is clear that the dignification of these experiences, which are brought to them, depends on the way they face it: to accentuate their pains or to sublimate themselves before them.

Free will, My Beloveds, exists only in denser realms, because when they are in perfection, they are in the full Light as servants of Creation.

In this state, the charisma, the radiance radiates wonderfully, but in the dense realms you have the choice to follow this walk into your own Light or turn around your own darkness.

The path will always be the same. They can postpone it and cultivate their own darkness, or they can let their natural brilliance radiate irresistibly to all.

You have the free will of that decision in the experience you experience.

With all my love.

I am Hilarion

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – June 04, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.