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Monday, June 6, 2016

The transformation of experiences into love – Pai Benedito de Aruanda

Hail, children!

I take the liberty of bringing a message to the children. To tell you how you can use your physical apparatus (body) to situate yourself from the things that happen around you, to connect with what you do not see, you can feel it.

The father knows how to tell you this, because when we were trapped by Mother Slavery, we had to use the body to connect with something else. The reality was very hard, you know, kids?

At that time, we did not have these technologies that you have today, medicine, communication ... So we had to use our physical apparatus (body) to connect to the energies and apply to our sick brothers.

We, at that time, applied the energies without knowing what we were doing. It is because the pain of seeing our brothers suffering without dignified help generated such great sorrow in the old man who speaks to you, that we began to pray with great faith. It was our only way. There was no one to call. But this prayer brought to our environment a magnetism, which generated healing in our brothers. That is why this old man was here regarded as a healer.

It is because, children, we all have this power to bring healing, to radiate peace. It is a very great power! You know that children need to learn to use this in the New Age.

But to use that power, you need to connect with yourself. You have to connect with the cosmic energy, and to do that, it is only possible through love. It is love, my children, that connects you to this Divine energy, which made this old man discover the right plant to put in the wounds of the sick. It is because this father here, after much suffering, was able to connect to the forces of nature, the energies of love and the Cosmic Light.

Christ did this too, not my children, but for us there in the senzala, nobody counted the miracles, because many of the brothers left before he could speak. The work was very arduous at the time.

But we had this trust, that love, that led us to bring Christ into the hardest environments you can imagine.

So, my children, do not make excuses that the environment is heavy, that life is difficult, because at that time there was a lot of black who lived in much worse condition and was able. So, my children, you are also strong and powerful. Just bring love into their lives and let the Light of Christ radiate into their lives to work miracles.

Because that's how it's done, my children. Seek this connection with your physical body, anchor that energy in your heart, that life will change.

But for this, you need to stop complaining, apologize, say it's difficult, you need to see love and live gratefully, because the good energies will be with you.

Hail, my children! Save the people of Aruanda, who suffered with Mother Slavery, who saw love in this experience, and developed to bring the Light of Christ to you, to the aid of all our incarnate and disincarnated brothers.

Save the peace of Christ! Save the suffering people, who have redeemed themselves from everything to become the messengers of love.

Pai Benedito de Aruanda

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Jun 06, 2016.