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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Spirit and the Sacred - Master Confucius

Everything in the universe seeks a balance, moves in the direction of imbalance until the antagonistic force is so prevalent that it forces rebalancing. It is the movement by which all energies manifest themselves. They tend to unbalance, but the greater the energy disproportionality, the greater the force of return to steady state.

The Source is composed of two opposite energies, where everything is composed of these forces that act and react among themselves. It is the movement between the passive principle, female, nocturnal, dark, cold, and the masculine, diurnal, luminous, warm. If one of these forces reaches its extreme force, the opposite is manifested in rebalancing the experience.

All action is always a reaction. If the dark stands out, there is a reaction of light, if the masculine overshadows the feminine, a pressure is created to return to the state of equilibrium. This is a universal principle governing all the interactions of creation.

In their lives, the loss of physical health is nothing more than a reaction to the state of imbalance. Effective healing does not occur with the elimination of the physical symptom, but rather with the rebalancing of opposing energies.

Realize the interaction of these opposing forces in their lives. Whenever there is a personal confrontation, there is a movement back to balance. The obstacle is only a reaction of the force counterposed by the internal imbalance. It is a healing blessing, therefore.

This law also fixes the limit of creation, since it is possible to unfold creation until the point of inflection, in which the opposite force generates a reaction strong enough to force the rebalancing of experiences.

It is for this reason that, from our perspective, there is no judgment of experience, for in a "non-time" perspective, we are able to observe the imbalance of forces and also reaction to the return of balance.

We do not expect you to be balanced in all your experiences, but to show maturity to understand the imbalances of your life, and not to resist opposing energies that immediately come to your aid. That they demonstrate in their acts, confidence in this universal flow of opposing energies.

Thus is the God-Father-Mother Source: energies that are always perfectly perfect, perfectly balanced, where the momentary passivity of a pole immediately becomes a force of reaction.

All beings of the Cosmos face within themselves this energetic antagonism. That is why even the most advanced masters are watching to allow in their journeys the maintenance of the inner balance. All beings must be committed to watch over and not to judge in the face of imbalances, recognizing that it is a momentary state, which will provoke the reaction to return to a state of equilibrium.

There are always two antagonistic forces that constitute All That Is, the God-Father-Mother: two opposing forces that allow the manifestations of the experiences.

And everything is part of a perfect flow, where the Sacred always manifests itself in two energetic poles, enabling the experience: Light and darkness, masculine and feminine, passive and active, always opposing forces that are unbalanced to generate a divinely perfect experience.

When they see the darkness apparently prevail, trust that this situation is only creating an even greater reaction of the Light to return to the rebalancing. This is a universal law, and there are no exceptions.

Creation allows the imbalance and prevalence of a pole, so that through consciousness it is experienced. But all domination is a temporary illusion, for when there is the prevalence of one pole, the other naturally reinforces itself in its reaction, to strengthen the conditions of return to equilibrium.

To move these forces is consciousness. It moves, by means of creative energy, the available energies, creates the imbalance and the creation returns it, in the same proportion of the generated imbalance.

Consciousness, therefore, finds its own limit in creation, because God-Father-Mother acts in perfection.

The evolved consciousness is always seeking the balance of these forces, keeping watch, to maintain the natural balance of the energies made available by the Source of All That Is, God-Father-Mother.


I am Master Confucius.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – June 17, 2016 .

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.