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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Birth of the Twin Flames - Thiago Strapasson

There is no separation, we have already told you, but from your point of view, how could there be no separation, if you communicate with each other? For if everything were One, there would be no communication, but only one consciousness. Yet we continue to say: We are One!

We are One, because we are made of the same fundamental energy. This is the primordial energy of the Love of God-Father-Mother who, in her cycle, awaits, in a state of perfection, the return of each of her children.

There is nothing in all creation that does not come from that initial breath. Everything is born of this initial energy and everyone will return to this place of balance and unite to this fundamental energy. This is the energetic cycle of consciousness.

We are born of the clash of the imbalance of the Source itself. In the unbalance of the Source, the consciousness "unties" of its place of birth. It is a cycle necessary for the maintenance of the fundamental balance and for the very development of All That Is.

When the imbalance arises within the Source, there is the displacement of those fragments that generate this momentary state, so that the Monads go out to experience and recover the perfect energy balance.

It is from the clash of the fundamental energies, the masculine and the feminine, that the consciousness moves to give life to a new divine element.

The God-Father-Mother Source is a bosom of absolute balance and eternal Love. A "birth cradle" from which the consciousness moves in order to experience the imbalance and its consequences within the Universal Laws of Creation.

Displacement does not matter in a separation, unless the source's consciousness fragment so desired in its experience. But even so, after necessary and temporary learning, they will be returning to that bosom of unity, for that is the consequence of the state of perfection.

For this displacement to take place, two twin fragments, male and female, which are completed in perfection, are simultaneously displaced for the maintenance of the fundamental balance of the Source and they are called "twin souls", which are experienced individually.

Because of the Energetic Law of Attraction and Repulsion of Consciousness, these two perfect fragments will be rediscovered so that they can rebalance themselves and, in a state of perfection, return to the energetic bosom of the God-Mother-Father-source to add their experience to the Cosmos.

All moving Monads, therefore, possess a perfect divine complement. Their destiny is to be reunited in the "cradle" of Creation to love each other and, together, to help each other in the pursuit of this state of perfection, for the maintenance of the primordial balance, unification is done to both the masculine and the feminine energies.

At the birth of these twin fragments and the initial displacement, there is the release of an unconscious fragment of everything that surrounds it. He leaves the initial "cradle" to pursue his own evolution, to find the energetic perfection of his nature.

At the beginning, there is a total unconsciousness of Love, for consciousness was in the "cradle" of absolute equilibrium and now must seek its own growth and its state of equilibrium and Love. But as it develops, it rediscovers this bosom of perfect Love and, in Love, returns to that "ocean" of balance.

It is as if a river, after a long evolution, returns to the ocean. So are the fragments of twin Monads displaced from the "cradle" of the Source. The greater the development, the more they will be attracted to a "cradle" of perfection and absolute balance, which exists only within the Source.

The destiny of all of us is, beside our twin flame, to dilute our consciousness in the Source, from where we were born. This is the Cycle of Creation.

Therefore, the Source is you in the future, since in a state of "no time", these offsets are a brief "blink of an eye" allowing for reunification in equilibrium again.

Then the destiny of each fragment is, together with its divine complement, to experience creation until the reunion and fusion of these complementary poles, masculine and feminine, so that in the state of absolute Love they may be reunited with the wisdom and Love of the God-Father Source -Mother.

Thiago Strapasson - June 28, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita
Translation: Patricia Nogueira