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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The 6 Steps of Spiritual Consolidation - Master St. Germain

Today we come to tell you about an unexplored subject: Spiritual Consolidation, which is its full recognition as essence, in its ability to observe itself.

When it is consolidated, the being is detached from all that it possesses. He sees himself as a being fully in a physical garment, yet fully confident and "untied" from the ego. Consciousness becomes full in an earthly environment.

Not many have achieved this degree of elevation. It was the Masters. But let's talk about some effects of this consolidation:

1. There is a complete detachment from absolutely everything that is material.

The being understands that all he possesses is energy in various forms and he is aware of this energy flow in his life.

2 - Abdicate everything you know, including spiritual concepts.

Everything is fluid and is in modification. Nothing is certain or stable in your life and it no longer afflicts you. Your opinions change according to the energy that surrounds you. Everything is, nothing is.

3. There are no longer strong family ties, friendship, or any other way.

Because he sees himself as oneness, and at this point he sees all as members of his great human family. There is not one more special than another.

4. Your opinion is unshakeable, but without attachment.

It is unshakable in the sense that it is influenced solely by its inner momentum and no longer by external pressures.

5. A flow of life is recognized, where everything goes back and forth, in a constant and natural flow.

He begins to look at the moons, the seasons, the planetary phenomena of the solar system, the energies that surround him, because he knows that all of this influences his life.

6- Most important: it makes your practice constant the inner contact, the contact with your essence that becomes your only truth.

Being consolidates spiritually to the eternity of life, in joy and devotion. It is a long road, which often requires harsh personal proofs of purging and interior cleansing. But I assure you that by reaching this stage you will have the greatest sense of freedom you have ever felt in your whole life. Love takes the Self, who feels deep inner peace, and comes in contact with all his wisdom.

So accept your confrontations. They are hard, I know, but imagine a road with holes, steep curves and slopes, but which, in the end, will have the most beautiful landscape you can imagine. At the end of this road the landscape will be something unforgettable.

I am Saint Germain, My Nobles, be at peace and feel my Love.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – June 02, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.