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Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to ask for divine protection? – Archeia Faith

May the Divine Presence kept in their hearts blaze to protect and bless them.

The Flame of Protection, which we radiate to their energetic fields, blocks them from everything that draws them out of balance.

The Divine Protection of the Blue Flame is a blessing to children who seek for Love, for truth and sincerity of heart.

Call on the Flame of Protection that comes radiated from the divine core of the Source in order to protect all those who bring the truth of God into their hearts.

It is through this flame that our Beloved Brothers reach the core of their inner power, which keeps faith in challenging situations. And if used with balance, it is able to open those closed hearts to Love, so that they can receive the purest energy of the Source.

The Flame of Power and Protection is also a ray of Love, for it is through it that children can go to the darkest ways of existence, to radiate the truth of the heart. Call on the Blue Flame of Protection in all times of confrontation, offense, and egos, which will protect them from the hostile environment, allowing peace to radiate from their hearts, bringing comfort to those who are unbalanced in their existence .

Imagine a tube of the Blue Flame descending over their heads to their feet, protecting them so that they remain in peace and protected from any hostile situation. Next to the Flame of Protection that will be at your aid is the whole command commanded by the beloved Archangel Michael and me.

Bless the order of the protective angels, who allow their brothers to be supported on the path of fulfilling their soul mission.

Use the Blue Flame in your day, for it is abundant and infinite, and with it, the whole order of protective gods will be to support you with your fraternal affection.

Say with your heart and all faith that you will be attended to whenever you feel threatened: "May the Flame of the Protection of the beloved Archangel Michael and Archangeline Faith enlighten my whole being at this time to protect me from all evil. I bless and thank the divine protection that I receive in this moment of affliction and I remain in peace, surrendered to our Creator God. "

Say with faith in the Angelic order of protection, in a situation of confrontation, that you are prepared to experience: "May the protective angels who protect me, be with me in this situation to protect me from all evil. That they accompany me in this situation that presents itself and illuminate my actions so that the best is given. "

Say in a situation of restlessness, pain and inner threat: "May the blessed Archangel Michael and Archangeline Faith and her order of protectors enlighten me in this moment, in protection, so that my thoughts harmonize and only my heart is the truth of my soul. I thank, at this time, the blessing of the relief that relieves me.

The angelic and protective order of the beloved Archangel Michael can be invoked in any situation of personal defiance: "May the protective gods be protecting my being at that moment, so that I may be able to remain in balance, and not allow any energy The lower one enters my auric field. May I remain closed in my inner peace, so that my truth shines forth in this situation. "

Use and abuse the evocations of the Ray of Protection, My Beloved Brethren, because you are supported and protected, and never doubt it: of our Love and the protection we bestow.

Be in peace, we will protect you.

I am Archeia Faith *.

Archeia Faith is the divine complement of Archangel Michael.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson -19 June 2016.

Text review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita