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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ennoblement of the Soul - The Divine Father

Greetings, My Sons!

I am your Divine Father, the masculine pole of the Source, the warm energy of activation of all your experiences.

As your Divine Father, I tell you that my energies were used abruptly, dense, unbalanced. Humanity has unbalanced the masculine energies by using them with deviation to annul or even to oppress my energetic counterposition, the Divine Mother.

Balance is what brings them to fullness, to proper anchoring, to softness, but the misuse of energies compresses the opposing polarity, causing the counteracting energies to react. It is a path that leads them to harshness, to difficulty, because it acts in a way to resist the natural path.

Energies have always been available, My Sons, both those who radiate them and those of the Blessed Divine Mother - the lightest, subtle, delicate polarity, that is, the maternal side of absolute care, affection and softness.

And you have chosen to unbalance the conduct of experiences, using the energies that made them available and straying from the path of balance.

All energies have always been at their disposal, but the lack of care for balance, "no choice" in the middle path always leads them to a rougher path, in which energies overlap one another and lead to mitigation of another pole. This is the path of resistance and struggle.

I tell you about the respect to the Divine Mother, which for ages, it lacked for the humanity, just as I was disrespected in other times. But in both cases there was imbalance, the annulment of a pole, and the resistance that led to the path of pain and suffering. The misuse of energies always leads to an adverse reaction from Source. It is the law of causality that rules in Creation.

With the imbalance, you created a vengeful male energy of struggle, where anger and hatred prevailed, and greed and pride drove your world. This was due to the unbalanced use of the energies that I made available. Realize how this corrupt conduct of manipulation is the result of the imbalance of energies, because by abusing the use of masculine energy, they created an imbalance that was sold as a vengeful God, who privileges the most affluent and brave sons, when it is through the balance that the way of Love, the smoothness and the adequate conduction of experiences are given.

The male energy is the energy of protection. It is the active pole that gives the initial impulse, but the way is only well conducted if it is in a loving and gentle way, maintaining the respect to the feminine characteristics, the sweetness, the cherishing, the understanding. But you deviated so much from this natural balance that you not only oppressed the feminine but masculinized it. In an attempt to seek rebalancing, you have tried to bring equality, not from the permission of the feminine state of being, but have tried to bring male supremacy to the feminine. They thus generated greater imbalance and more harshness along the way.

The time has come to bring this balance back into your world, to give vent to the feminine, so that Love can manifest unconditionally and in a balanced way.

I am your Divine Father and I radiate from the masculine side of the Source. I am not vindictive, I am not gross and I do not penalize my children. I love you as much as the Divine Mother and I ask, My Sons, to allow the feminine side to rebalance in these new times, in respect to the energy of the Mother. To do this, you must abandon the prejudices and beliefs that you have built from a rude man, proud, who fights for his survival and his family. Building a gentle, loving and compassionate human with everyone. You must abandon these beliefs of the rude man, for it is time for the Mother to lead you with grace and ease into your lap of Love.

I bless you to find the path of happiness and rebalancing of love.

Your Divine Father.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Jun 22, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita
Translation: Patricia Nogueira