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Monday, June 27, 2016

Braiding dreams - Thiago Strapasson and Talita Rebello

Sometimes I wonder if the day will come when humanity will understand that it lives in the same corner, in the same embrace and breathing of the creator.

Sometimes I wonder if the day will come when humanity will understand that this is not real life, that this is just a breath of our existence.

Sometimes I wonder if the day will come when we will remember that we are the same light, the same energy and the same love.

Sometimes I wonder if the day will come on what day we will learn that the miracle of multiplication occurs with the right division of the fruits of the Earth.

In those moments I look around and I am sure I will.

There are many of us serving as lighthouses in their little worlds.

There are many of us guiding by example.

There are many of us carrying a small platform with them, inviting people to climb up and see life from a different perspective.

There are many of us allowing, through our own deliverance, that people express themselves, welcome and heal.

The greater the deviation, the greater the pride, the greater the greed, the greater the illusion of separation, the greater the wave of light, love and unity that will bathe the planet and promote a return to equilibrium.

Let yourself flow with the wave of light, as one who heats the tired body in a loving lap. Give yourself away. There is no need for control here. There is trust, there is humility, there is acceptance.

We are children of God and have been created in his image and likeness.

As Carl Sagan said, we are all embedded in a pale blue dot, which revolves around itself, around the Sun and across the Universe at an unbelievable speed.

Around this blue spot there is a satellite that dances at its own pace, coordinating our body cycles and tides, and thanks to the kindness of the sun that lends its brilliance, produces beautiful spectacles in the sky.

A little further away, there is a planet of gigantic proportions that stands in service as a shield, like a shield, drawing to itself all the bodies that could reach the small planet on which we live.

It is clear that there is a very skillful and gentle conductor coordinating this orchestra. Coordinating our life.

Everything there is not only functional and indispensable; it also shows us that we need to work together, one serving the other.

We are instruments that can choose to follow the master's orders and play in harmony or, at their own pace, serve only their own will (without producing any result).

The score was strategically placed: it is outside your comfort zone.

Thiago Strapasson and Talita Rebello – June 27, 2016.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira