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Thursday, June 16, 2016

An interior cleansing exercise - Master Serapis Bey

My brothers,

We were telling our scribe (Thiago) about your persistence, of continuing the path of sublimation, of cleaning up all the darkness that still permeates them. This is a rewarding journey.

It is a struggle, it is true, because, in these times of transition, you are being demanded in those darkest, most painful points that have held you for a long time in this dimension.

Many of you have missions to anchor on this land route. You have been called to work to assist in planetary cleansing, and you have worked hard in this direction. But to remain in that environment, you needed certain points of mental anchoring.

We talked about aspects whose work was postponed because we needed you in that environment. But in these end times, on the way to the Light of the new world, many are being called to the final cleaning, to touch the most painful point, so to speak.

And, My Brothers, understand the blessing of this path, for you are overcoming just the aspects that "trapped" you in this dense environment, its harsher darkness. It is the final cleaning for physical life.

Some of you were called to be here at that time, for you had missions to perform. And this opportunity is being used to anchor Light in your aura, creating an environment of inner protection. At the same time, you go through this painful process of inner cleansing, but as it is released, the more Light is anchored and the greater your ability to aid in that moment.

Observe physical life from an eternal perspective. We have constantly asked them to abandon their beliefs and fears. Call them to talk and look at them as they are.

There is an interesting inner exercise to be done, and for that, seek the stillness of your thoughts and let your intuition flow: see what are your greatest current struggles, see what points they make them move, to do an inner re-reading. Now, compare with your old behaviors in these aspects of your life. Understand the cleansing invitation that life is offering.

You are being faced, precisely, in what "caught" you, which prevented your progress. Understand the blessing of evolution in this experience! It is a unique opportunity so that, from within, they correct precisely what led them to the path of suffering, to anchoring in the ego.

This is the way of fullness, of happiness, which is realized in all the Realms.

All of us, Brothers, have the duty of personal progress. But you are having the opportunity to do it at a tremendous speed. In a short time, you are making immeasurable progress to your own being.

From this understanding, let life flow. Seek inwardly in your stillness, seek this opportunity for review, learning, and trust in divine providence in your lives, which will always bring you the best from a lofty perspective.

You are studying yourself, understanding yourself, and this is an unprecedented blessing that your state of consciousness does not allow you to comprehend in all its dimension. But just keep in mind that life alone is a blessing.

Tomorrow will always be a new day. And what today is a pain, tomorrow becomes a blessing and, sometimes, in jokes and jokes. So do not worry: the pain of today is the joy of tomorrow! Just live the day today and understand the blessings of life.

I bless you with all my Love, because I am your Brother, Serapis Bey, and I am always at your disposal to give you all the help you need, for this is my greatest pleasure.

Serapis Bey

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Jun 16, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.