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Monday, May 30, 2016

You decide the perspective you are seeing to yourself - Lady Master Mirian

May the blessings of our Father be enlightening us, today and always.

It is with all my love that I address you to explain to you about a recurring theme, but which seems difficult to understand in your world.

You have heard about how your external world is created from within.

When we say this, it seems that you would be able to change the outer world only with your inner change. Yes, this is possible, but you must remember that manifestation in materiality is not immediate as in the Realms of Light. There is a time between thought and realization!

When we say that you can change the external world from within and immediately, we are referring to the changing interpretation of your confrontations.

As we have already told you, you have mental triggers tied to your emotions: emotion is felt and the pre-programmed mind triggers a channel of behavior, of reaction.

But you can modify these reactive triggers from within. If they are offended, the reaction is the offense, the anger; If badly said, the reaction is slander; If they are ignored, the reaction is low self-esteem and so on .... It is enough that they modify reactive triggers, that their external world will change.

You will begin to see life under a higher, higher gaze, and then everything changes. Understand that it is part of material experience, the confrontation of being. You test yourselves by facing each other, and so you can rise or sink deeper into matter. It's all a matter of reaction.

If you react in a pre-programmed way, you are getting more energetic. If they rise, they masterfully overcome the challenge and remain on a higher level in vibrational terms.

So if, instead of anger, you feel forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion; If instead of offense, they turn away from the one who is attacking them, understanding their inner pain; If instead of fear, manifesting confidence, you will be rising in the face of experience.

Therefore, the Christ said, "Pray and watch." Pray in the face of the confrontation, breathe and move away to a quiet place until the stabilization of your mind. And then react to the tone of your inner Light.

Their bodies attend several dimensions in energetic terms, although the material reality is the same. It is you who decide on what dimension you will evaluate the confrontations present in your life. You decide this every second: at home, in traffic, at work, in your daily life.

Will you highlight your Light or increase its darkness? Do you decide the perspective, which will be seen, from above or below?

Do you understand, My Nobles, why the outside world is created from within? Because you value experiences!

And then, do you choose resurrection or life, according to collective mental patterns? Is this in your hands: Light or dark? What is your decision?

I thank you with all my heart, for I am Mirian and have come to bring you their strength of decision, so that you understand the challenge of staying in peace, on the way to the Light.

I'm Mirian.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 30, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.