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Monday, May 2, 2016

Why do I still live in the collective standard? – Lord Emanuel

What a joy to be able to speak to you today! May happiness direct those energies in the form of words to you, for it is I who am here, your Friend, Lord Emanuel.

Have three brief breaths, feel your bodies, relax for a few minutes and emerge in those words that I bring to calm the Heart.

Feel the energy of this Friend here, as we begin a new cycle, a new month, where they have grown a lot in recent times. How much progress! It's admirable!

But life is always a new beginning, always a new opportunity. With each new dawn, you have a chance to live outside the old patterns, to get out of the mass collective consciousness. Each new day, you can breathe and say to yourself: I know who I am and this is not the standard I want to live.

It is because, Beloved Ones, you come from collective standards from an early childhood already of other lives. You have become accustomed to living like this, in these outer patterns.

But, my friends, today I come to teach you a technique for having a frank conversation, from friend to friend. Am I not your Friend of the Heart? So, listen to me for a minute: Imagine your expanded mind. You watch your lives from above and remember the spiritual patterns that we have taught you. At that moment, you can understand your experiences, they are in communion with the All! And then you remember what your parents, your brothers, your friends taught you all your life. So you're in doubt, "where do I go? They say about the energies, about the expansion of the mind, but that's not how I live. "

Why will it be, Beloved? I tell you, but as a great Friend, that "it is because they are in this collective standard". An external pattern that does not say about you. The key is to stick to the spiritual standard. Live "out of the box". Do not be so normal!

Live trusting that all that your Heart shows them is the truth and, what they have heard, the illusion. There are two of you! One that is in this collective standard and another that is in the feeling, in the flow, in the surrender, in the observation of life from a new focus, the one that makes you happy. If it makes you happy, if you can see it like that, then that's the Heart pattern.

And the other? Ah, that is fear, doubt, resistance, those who have learned for many generations and tell you that it is the normal thing. Did you see how simple it is?

So, my Friend of the Heart, because of my Love, I ask you: why is it still in the "box"? What prevents you from being happy, from getting out of your normality? Until when will the collective tell you what is right ?!

For it is I who am here. He who listens to you, embraces you, sits next to you, who is your sincere Friend, because you want him to be happy and hear your purest essence.

It is I who am here! Feel my energy and my embrace! Feel this your Friend here, Lord Emanuel.

With all my affection.

Lord Emanuel

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 02, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta