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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What is the Meaning of Full Awakening? - Master Serapis Bey

My Beloved Ones,

How often do you look at yourself and identify yourself with this earthly experience? Do they take a stand as being good or bad? They judge, evaluate, criticize, disagree. You emerge in this environment to play your roles. So you challenge politics, play a role of active family member responsible for all, care about your affairs, deeply identify with this material and social reality. Not that there is a problem here, because it is a human being: to experience these experiences and allow them to face them.

To be human is to be immersed in those energies that surround you, but in this psychic environment you hold your karma, identify with these experiences and struggle to balance before them. They still reach them at the core of their beings, for there is still no dissociation of being from that reality. They live as if this is the tangible reality, the only existing. They forget that they are spirits in a material experience and, if they are souls, everything is well, for although this experience is finished, their consciousness is eternal. It always will be.

But there is a moment in the earthly trajectory that the human being sees as this spiritual being. It is seen wholly as beyond all that surrounds it. He realizes that there is a conscience to guide him, a soft and subtle voice that is beyond this reality. There is a spiritual consciousness that inhabits this physical body. Then, the material being begins to seek, to know itself and this voice begins to gain prevalence in its trajectory.

At that moment, there is the full recognition that there is a divine being inhabiting this physical body. Being is dissociated from your personality. But this eternal consciousness that is this divine being plays social roles in his family, in his work and in his community. At one point, the being is clashing with all this illusion. There is an awareness that those roles, which plays, say nothing about its essence. These are physical experiences experienced by a spiritual being. The being stops identifying itself with the political being, the family member, with his profession and stops taking care of the pains of the world. Karma is balanced and abandoned. There is full identification with your Divine Presence. He sees himself in unity and comes to understand the Perfection that surrounds him.

Love overflows all physical bonds, for all experiences and all humans are recognized in their Divinity. Love prevails and there is the dignification of experiences. Everything is observed from a spiritual point of view and, therefore, perfect for human development.

This is a state where pain, fear, sorrows, everything is abandoned. The being is awake, aware of what it is. Its divine purpose on Earth is highlighted and the being sees itself at the Service of Creation, given in absolute confidence. This is the state of Mastery, of surrender.

He does not abandon his social roles, because he continues to be human. But when he observes in unity, he understands that although he exercises all these roles, he is not confused and does not identify with these experiences. He becomes able to observe himself by playing these roles without being identified with them.

So fears, fears, doubts, and worries simply pass through the being, who is in absolute trust in the Divine Flow of Perfection. Being becomes fully aware that he is a spiritual being, so he remains centered on that unswerving trust in which he recognizes himself.

At that moment, the Divine Presence of your heart shines forth in all its Light so that the Soul stands out against all the mishaps that are presented to it. Problems are no longer seen in this light, for being is brought into communion with the Whole. Seeing himself as a spiritual being in an integral way and experiencing a planetary experience, everything that surrounds it shows itself as it really is: a sweet illusion to be experienced and discovered. An experience that challenges you, so that the essence stands out, to illuminate everything that surrounds it.

So, the being continues to play a part in this whole plot, for it experiences this experience, but it no longer confuses it, no longer removes it from its journey. The being is awake and conscious, not assuming more social roles. He experiences, experiences in society this reality, but fully aware of what he is and his purpose.

This is one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of the Soul, throughout the Cosmos. The completion of the karmic cycle for full ascension to the realities of Light. Being takes shape within this still illuminated reality, under the garment of a physical body.

It is beautiful to see the experience of full awakening, in which man ceases to identify with this reality to shine his truth, his essence, his Light. At this point, the most beautiful works of humanity were produced by the Masters who were here .

I thank you, My Sons, with all my heart.

I am Serapis Bey

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 10, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita e Angelica T. Tosta