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Friday, May 6, 2016

Transcending the Karmic Cycle and Anchoring Christ on Earth - Lady Master Mirian

Beloved ones,

It is with all my Love that I turn to the Sacred Hearts of the Masters on Earth.

For thousands of years, you were alone, you felt lonely, as if you were separated from all Creation. You have forgotten who you are, you have walked many different paths. They had brilliant lives, other spiritual or religious lives, reclusive lives in a familiar environment, were men and women, rich and poor, kings and servants. But I tell you that no life brings you such an opportunity: to find your Inner Self, to come into balance with yourself and to transcend this karmic cycle of comings and goings, surpassing material reality for a higher understanding of earthly experience.

You, Masters, are striding along, learning to balance in your Loving Center, to trust in what the Father gives you. Anchoring the Christ Energy into your world, which is the energy of balance in duality, that represents a Unification Consciousness among the opposites that have become accustomed. The energy of Love in all its simplicity.

That's what they came to do. Anchor an energy of balance in an environment of duality. Unify opposing energies through Trust, Faith and, above all, a conduct based on Love and Humility.

You did not come to fight the darkness, the fear. It is not a struggle, but an anchoring of Christ in their Hearts.

When we say Christ, we refer to a unifying, balancing energy, which nullifies the opposition between Light and darkness, Love and fear, Peace and war, and so on. It is an expanding energy that coexists with the opposites to unify them through Love, in a conduct centered on the balance of their energetic bodies to the Sacred Heart.

You, Beloved Ones, are those destined to anchor this Sacred Energy on Earth, unifying the opposites to the vibrational elevation of experiences.

They seem simple teachings to be experienced, but they require great perseverance and confidence before the world they meet, the challenges that are shown.

You know, Sons, the looks of those on this side of the veil turn to you. You are helped, followed and loved. We are monitoring its evolution like never before. You are striding in the path of mastery in the experience of this Unification Energy.

We say mastery as the meeting of your center of anchoring in communion with the Whole. In a position where everything will become very simple, because it is accepted, because there is surrender, because there is Trust and Love.

Nothing else robs them of their balance, because you know that God is in everything. It's a miraculous state, Beloved Ones! It is this state, that of the reunion of its I Am, of its Divinity, of its Divine Presence.

This is the state in which everything harmonizes, in which the Universe puts itself into communion with its Sacred Heart by making them One with All That Is. This is the state of reunion, which is where they walk towards the end of this earthly karmic cycle, towards a more expanded experience in Love. A Christ experience.

I thank you, Beloved Ones. It is a brief message, but it deserves a deep reflection in front of their experiences.

I am Lady Mirian

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - May 06, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta