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Friday, May 20, 2016

There are always new possibilities - Master Kuthumi

My brothers,

May the blessings of Love accompany you.

We came to tell you today about a feeling common to some, which is a certain discouragement. Something as if they were bowing their flags in defeat. A feeling that is linked to victimization, as if they were powerless in the face of challenges. It is as if they were standing before a wall and their world is confined to that wall. You keep hitting this building, as if it were your walk.

It so happens that one fine day you breathe. And in this breathing, simply, they remember that it is possible to look to the side. Yes! There is a whole world. There is life on the left side. You begin to have courage and also look to the right. There is so much more! Maybe they will not turn around and see the 180-degree angle that still remains? Or why not look over the wall?

You know, this is attachment, you have become accustomed to living in a certain way: "This is life," they think. "That's what we have. There is no other possibility. "And then it seems that they are defeated, that life does not develop, that the paths do not open, when you just look at the side and simply see how many doors are by your side, how many paths, how many People to cross your path!

But for this, you often need to look the other way. You need to understand that you just have to look at the side, see the possibilities and imagine yourself in this new path. Just imagine. Let the imagination run. Feel what these images or inspirations bring you. Allow yourself to look at the side and just imagine yourself in this new path. What does this road feel like? Is nice? And there is no problem if it is not. Just let another idea come into your imagination.

But stop staring at the wall! Just look at the side! And if they do not yet have the courage to leave this place, which they have chosen as safe, only allow themselves to imagine a new destiny. Do this exercise and let the flow lead you to the fate of the Heart, though not in the material world, at least in your imagination.

If your country is bad, there are others. If your profession does not please you, think of another activity. If your family life does not make you happy, go your way, at least in thought. And feel it.

And when you feel a path that resonates with the Heart begin to dream, to imagine what it would be like to take this leap of faith. If you are in doubt, listen to others who have walked these paths, exchange ideas, but move until the path opens to a new and unknown world.

You will find this path when you look within yourself, to be still. He will come to you, for we will be in your ear to bring you possibilities. That's my promise.

Abandon victimization, disability, defeatism. Come to the side, there are infinite possibilities to expect them.

Like all my love

I am Kuthumi

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 20, 2016 .

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.