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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The meditative status - Master El Morya

Dear Brothers,

We are bringing you a set of lessons about the immersion of consciousness in the planetary environment, as well as its effects, showing you that there is much more in you than the reality that surrounds you. And today we come to tell you about the profound meaning of your spiritual awakening, your behaviors before this physical reality, and your search for deep contact with your I Am.

We said about the karmic rescue of their planetary experiences, as if to take them out of this earthly immersion. It is as if, for brief moments, you breathe a lighter, softer air and you could there from there observe themselves performing their daily activities. Life in the physical environment brings challenges, energies, noises, lights, electronic gadgets, everything to take them out of their sacred center.

These countless floodlights that surround your day, are at all times to occupy and make your mind analyze these situations. This environment disconnects them from themselves. This is because so many flashes that hang daily on their daily activities, that everything is automated, robotized. There are schedules to be followed, routes to be traveled, tasks to be performed and there is no time to observe.

But, Beloved Ones, when you enter into solitude at your sacred center of stillness, you breathe, feel your bodies and allow these experiences to come to you with the feeling of your Soul. You seek the stillness of the mind so that your feeling, in surrender and trust, reaches your physical senses. When the mind is quieted, when you isolate yourself briefly from all the outer noises that fill your day, naturally your I Am raises your vibration and thus you become able to feel your emotions, to observe, to surrender To the flow in confidence to observe them with Love, in absolute confidence of their Perfection.

This is a daily exercise because with practice you will no longer need to isolate yourself from the noises, from the flashes of the world, to hear each other. You will begin to simply access this state throughout your day. Your mind surrenders, and then, in a gentle way, you begin to access all your inner wisdom. It is as if the answers simply come to you, without searching, without logic. They flow into your day. You begin to be aware of your activities, go out automatically, and you are present in your day, feeling your bodies, separating what is good for you, what you do not like.

This, Beloved Ones, is a meditative state in which your consciousness is present. Your Heart shows you Love. Your movements are felt. You feel your bodies after feeding, to the point of knowing the sensation that each food brings. Their bodies are wise. They show what nourishes them, but for this they need to feel.

So Beloved ones, use this wonderful tool that you possess that is the meditative state. At first they will have a little difficulty, as if nothing is happening, but as this practice silences your mind, you will begin to feel all the wisdom you have.

I thank you, My Beloved Ones, with all your Heart, for I am El Morya, a great friend who is embracing you now.

Master El Morya

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 15, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta e Solange Yabushita