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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Radiating the Gifts of Your Heart - Master Rowena

Beloved Children,

I'm Rowena.

Many have read some texts that I have passed on to brothers wearing a physical garment, but few know about my essence, about my life on Earth, about my spiritual story of Ascension.

I have been, like you, for many lives wearing a physical vest. They will have practically no account of my lives, for I have accomplished nothing grandiose on the earth plane. I was not a great ruler, I did not have great works, I did not become a martyr, but I reached personal balance and gained the necessary mastery, to be with the great Masters of Humanity.

In my lives, My Beloved Ones, I have not done great works in the eyes of men, but in the sight of God. In these lives, I have gained the capacity to love, to the point of becoming a Teacher of Love. Through Love, I dissociated myself from physical materiality, giving vent to my spiritual consciousness on the physical plane.

I say this, My Brothers, not to say that I was victorious in my spiritual purposes, for we are all, insofar as our consciousness only separates on the material plane. From a spiritual point of view, we are One with the Creator and no brother can be more than the other.

I say this, yes, to show you that great works or great sacrifices are not necessary on the earthly plane to rise, in consciousness, to spiritual mastery. It suffices, my brethren, that you keep your consciousness out of earthly dramas, that you may remain in balance and may radiate your peace, your Love, and that your Light may shine forth.

From our perspective, we do not judge them, for to us all they experience is experience and energy. We do not judge them higher by their food, by their habits or customs, because we see only the Light that radiates from their Heart.

We are approaching because we are able to see your spiritual sincerity, which says much more than any conduct said to be spiritual in the eyes of men.

Sincerity lies in your ability to radiate the gifts of your Heart, to look with sincerity at your soul, to shine your Light. It is in not allowing feelings like fear, judgment, hatred, or unloving to be able to maintain Their bodies of Light anchored to the mind, that sink into materiality to the point of ceasing contact with their consciousness of Light.

We say, Beloved Ones, your capacity to recognize yourself as a mental and emotional body, which anchors energies on the physical plane, without ceasing to feel your Light Body, to shine your spiritual consciousness to the detriment of everything that surrounds you, and to be aware Who are a divine consciousness in a planetary experience.

Those who rise on the spiritual plane are not responsible for awakening thousands, nor are they the achievers of great works of humanity, but rather those who are aware of their Light and are able to recognize their Light Body in the midst of materiality . Those who do not dissociate themselves from their spiritual consciousness, those who keep the Heart open to radiate and recognize the Divinity in their earthly life.

My Beloved Ones, do not look at your spiritual life from earthly life, but rather observe your material experiences from your Body of Light, from your spiritual consciousness.

Do not impose limits on yourselves, because you think that we expect certain behaviors to become spiritual, for from our perspective we can see clearly those who are sincere with their own inner recognition. We see this from the energy that radiates from your Heart and nothing else matters to us.

I leave you with these brief reflections, so that you know that the greatest help you can render to humanity is simply to be able to keep yourself in a high vibration, not being carried away by the drama of material reality. Observing their lives from their consciousness, which eternally is in communion with the Divine Will of our Father, they will be performing an unprecedented work in Creation.

I bless you with all my love.

I am Rowena.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 24, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.