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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Look at the beauty that surrounds you - Lady Master Rowena

Dear Brothers,

Look at the beauty that surrounds you, the loves you have, the cares around you.

How many cross your day in an exchange of low looks? In a gesture of help? In a door that opens? I ask them if there is any interest in these acts or they are people who come and go and who often leave this gesture without even realizing it?

Ah, My Nobles, there is much Love around you. There is! Notice the details you will see. How much love! How much affection! How many gestures without any interest are practiced! An arm that stretches out, a smile that opens, a help with your belongings! How light these acts! Love, Compassion takes over your world.

Everything is a point of observation. What do you observe? What do they show you and insist on what happens in your world, the chaos, or the little beauties of your day? Where is your focus, Beloved? Do you look at the flowers or the thorns? Not that there is beauty in the thorns, but its function is to highlight the beauty of the flowers. Do you understand? The thorns exist so that the flowers become even more beautiful!

I tell you, My Children, everything they show you is what you want them to believe there is. But in your world there is much more than that, because you are made of Love. And it is this Love that we highlight now! The Love of the little things that shows how much is kept in you. But we do not say of the Love that they know, of the one who expects a retribution, who is waiting for a gesture, but for that disinterested one, which is spontaneously done and kept in the crossroads, in the streets, in the schools, in the unassuming affection they possess with each other.

Children, in order to be noticed in our world it does not take much, because it is these small gestures that attract all the energy of the Universe to serve you. For if you understand, if the Universe is made of Love, by exercising Love, you will be attracting Love in its most diverse and different forms and unexpected ways.

You are a field of attraction that attracts everything you practice, everything you observe, everything that focuses your attention. Then begin to repair these small gestures and, when given an opportunity, practice these little acts of Love. For, in this way, you will be attracting much of this energy to you.

I thank you, My Nobles, with all my Heart, for I radiate from my Heart the flame of Love to blaze you.

I am Rowena.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - May 05, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta / Solange Yabushita