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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Long time ago, in a distant galaxy. . . - Thiago Strapasson

Long time ago, in a distant galaxy, you were participating in other projects, having other experiences. See that the soul is immortal and experiences different experiences in different dimensions and realities.

At some point, so you decided to participate in a planetary project on this blue planet, with a lot of water, that they call Earth. It is a project of immersion of the spiritual consciousness in a material environment of duality, but three-dimensional. A dense environment where, at all times, all are surrounded by energies of all kinds, of all qualities. It is an environment that makes them forget who they are, to which they came, which causes them to have an inner conflict between the physical mind and the energy of their soul.

It is an experience that "stretches", "flattenes" them blindly, makes them have different visions, which leads them to assume a personality in this energetic environment. A personality. That's right, because you immerse yourself so strongly in this environment that you completely forget about your innate qualities and specialties of your soul that led you to be there.

Well, Beloved, it is an environment that puts you to the test, which pushes you to the limit, which creates karmic relations in your consciousness, which totally blinds you to the true reality of what you are. It is an environment for the strong of spirit, that only those who have a true heart can breathe.

Experience on this plane is something that will profoundly mark you, because it is as if you put yourself in touch with everything that you are, whether it be dark or Light, Love or fear. Everything comes out: from your strongest and most loving side to the weakest and most fearful.

All this is evident to consciousness and integrated to complete them. But you live without knowing very well why, to whom, but continue to experience, because there is something that holds you strongly: the fact that you do not remember the other side and believe that only this is the reality that exists.

But know that it was you who were in a distant galaxy, in a distant world, in another dimension and that, in this Now, are here, immersed in this environment, because the soul does not spring from the earth, it is not born of the sea. It is made from the Heart of God and comes out of His warmth to create experiences like this that you experience.

All this, Beloved ones, that you experience is a spark of eternity that you are. So do not get so attached to the details, the pain, the negative thoughts. Only live this experience that enriches you, without limits. But be sure of everything you are.

You are the Sons of the Eternal Father, who have agreed to forget this for a brief moment.

Look at life from that point on and know that there is much, much more than you realize at that time.

Be in peace.

Thiago Strapasson – May 19, 2016 

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta e Solange Yabushita