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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Explaining the Way of Life - Lady Master Rowena

Dear Brothers,

May Love radiate you so that you may be in full confidence.

Trust, an energy in which flow is accepted without clinging to the beliefs that limit it in this walk.

How often do you have doubts about the journey, whether you are on the right track, whether you are right in your purposes? It is a natural question that all those who walk by the Light do.

But, Beloved Ones, this is not a questioning of the Heart. It is from your mind, because it is this that needs logical explanations. The Heart accepts and trusts.

If you enter into a logical battle over what you believe, you will not have enough arguments because Love is not logical, the Heart is not logical, the spirit is not rational.

The Heart feels; do not understand. It flows; Does not explain. The heart does not argue; It opens. So you are when you try to explain the Love you feel. It is not explained: one feels, one experiences. Love, life, does not need proof or explanation. They are free energies in the universal flow.

So are you. No one can explain them. No one can categorize them, because you are unique with your feelings. You are unique beings individually saying. Or do you think there is someone in this world who can tell you about your pains, your loves, your life, or your feelings? It is not possible, Beloved Ones, for there is no reason in this world to be able to explain them. The spirit can not be explained; If you feel, if you live.

You know, but many may wonder, how can I be unique if they say that we are ONE? I tell you: there is the beauty of Creation. You are unique and that unity is what puts you in perfection in the Whole. It is your individuality that makes everything happen in perfection.

But when you abdicate this unity, you abdicate the perfection with which you were created. They were accustomed to following the mass. And this is what removes them from their individuality, because mass behavior is explained, but you are not explicable, understandable. You are unique! It is only the Heart, the feeling is what understands them.

So, My Brothers, trust does not cling, it is not explained, it is not understood. Trust is pure feeling and flow. She does not argue, does not prove.

You know, Beloved Ones, I say to you that the greatest blessing you have in life is your individuality, for it is only you who bring them into perfection with the All. Do not give up on being yourself to explain yourself to society. You are inexplicable, you are made of Love and Love is inexplicable.

I bless you, Beloved, for I am Rowena, the Teacher of Love.


Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - May 12, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita