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Friday, May 27, 2016

Emotions Through the Light Body - Serapis Bey

Beloved Children,

We came to deal with a theme, where feeling is necessary. You will not understand it from your logical mind. They need to feel their bodies. Let, therefore, the words flow to your soul. This will be helping you to understand your emotions and your feelings.

You have learned that feelings must be understood, understood by logic, but you have already realized the inability of your words to talk about feelings, about emotions. The main texts produced in your world that deal with feelings like love, nostalgia, compassion, are not those that explain these emotions to you, but rather those that produce the emotions that treat in the reader, those that provoke the emotions to which Refer to. Many of your feelings simply can not be explained because they need to be felt.

Does anyone explain the homesickness? The will to help? The love of a mother to her son? The look of admiration of a child to his parents? Do you risk explaining those emotions?

It is not possible, my nobles! Your mind does not understand these emotions.

It is not from the mind that we feel. The function of the mind is to explain, rationalize, classify, because that is not where your feelings are.

But your society lives in such a preponderant mental pattern that you try, even, to rationalize your feelings and your experiences. Everything must be explained, classified and understood. But by doing so, you block your emotions because they cease to be felt, lived, to be understood and are often blocked by having them as negative, improper.

So the experiences are lived, they produce feelings, emotions in their bodies and you try to understand those longings from your mind, trying to know: why does that experience generate certain emotion in their bodies? But, you block your emotions. Their feelings are repressed because they are not lived and felt in integrity. By blocking your feelings, you cease to flow into the Light of your essence and allow yourself to submit to the collective standards of materiality.

This is where fear, doubt, the desire for revenge and all feelings produced from collective mental patterns that have been incorporated into their beings, over the ages. They are reactive patterns embedded in your mind. You absorb these collective standards and externalize them into unthinking attitudes, precisely because these emotions try to be blocked, rationalized through your mind.

But when you indulge in these feelings, experience these conscious experiences of the existence of your Light Body, in contact with your essence, your experiences become enlightened. For Beloved, the problem is not in the experience itself, but in the form that experiences it. If you block it from a mental pattern then you create fear, anguish, and low self-esteem by generating these karmic patterns of recovery as a consequence.

But when these experiences are fluid and accepted with surrender, in the trust of the divine flow, then they are enlightened from their Body of Light.

Your Body of Light is what puts you in connection with your essence, from the moment you transcend the mental pattern of behavior. Then your experiences are experienced from a higher perspective, aware of the immortality of your soul and the union of consciousness with All That Is. The awareness of your Body of Light puts you in union with other dimensions, your soul, your highest essence and all that you allow yourself.

See that human emotions in themselves are not good or bad, right or wrong. The point is, as long as the being does not make deep contact with his intuition, with his soul, he "ties himself" to material experiences, creating competition, lack, and emotional imbalance, for from the human perspective experiences are always Under judgment, under valuation according to social beliefs absorbed by the being.

In the planetary experience in which consciousness immerses in matter, its feelings can be experienced, sensed from a higher and higher point of view of its Body of Light, or can be driven by a rational, mental process to take away the ability to see themselves In Unity, as Spiritual Beings.

If your feelings, your emotions, are approached according to an externally acquired judgment, experiences are classified as good or bad, right or wrong, loving or dark, etc. This judgment of values ​​is made, however, not from his feeling, but from beliefs that have been taught to him from birth. This, My Brothers, is because this experience is analyzed from a mental, logical and rational plane. When you value your experiences from the mind and the ego, lower feelings arise like fear, judgment, anger, anguish, hatred. Approached in this way, you do not control your emotions, because they become very strong and prevalent. Your mind is not able to block your emotions. You are placed in the mental reactive patterns and fall into the reactions pre-programmed by society. So it is they who begin to dictate their behavior.

In this state of immersion the mind is silent, for consciousness is in such a deep degree of diving that all experiences are classified according to a judgment of rational and mental judgment. Feeling is abandoned and the heart is filled with lower feelings.

But when you illuminate the experiences from your Light Bodies, your emotions and your feelings are no longer rationalized, they are illuminated by your essence and your spirit begins to bring you intuitions that will lead you to transcend the karmic pattern of living . Your experiences are no longer classified as right and wrong, good or bad. They are lived, felt, and transcended in a pattern of Light.

The experience is there. You get into it, but you do not block it; You light it. The fear of loss becomes trust in the flow, anger in acceptance and control in surrender. They are the same experiences, but seen from the perspective of the Light, from their own inner Light.

From the perspective of his Body of Light, the same experiences, once rationalized and generating lower feelings preprogrammed in his mind, are now experienced and enlightened. So you no longer block them. They come to you, are experienced, but at all times aware of your divine nature. You experience it with faith in a greater force, in the faith of your Light, of your divinity. You feel the strength of your soul, of your consciousness. The same experience that was perceived to be wrong from a human point of view becomes a living experience of enlightenment, in which consciousness is "detached" from the mind into transcendence.

You know a great being who has been enlightened from an experience believed to be wrong by his human beliefs. Our beloved Master Jesus was crucified, which is an act of great pain from the human perspective. But through the Light of his soul, this same experience becomes an act of individual and collective redemption, because his Light shines from his heart in that hour, illuminating thousands. Hatred turns into redemption. Everything, Beloved Ones, depends on the perspective you observe: of your mind or your Light.

When we came to ask them to become prevalent when they felt the experiences, the feeling of their bodies, listening to their intuition, we told them to take ever deeper contact with their Divine Essence. Thus, you free yourself from the "bonds" of the consciousness of the material plane, making contact with your essence through your Body of Light.

The experiences cease to be valued and rationalized from a material perspective and begin to be felt from the essence of their soul. The Heart gains prevalence, because you begin to feel that you are much more than that physical body that circumscribes you. You begin to realize that your energy transcends your body and you begin to see yourself as we see you, like a radiant Being of Light.

This contact with the Light Body places them in a feeling of Oneness, where there is no more room for fear, confrontation, defeatism, guilt and even forgiveness, for there is no more resentment. Being is in Oneness, and at this point you can choose whether to continue your journey in aid of the physical plane or whether it transcends the path of the Realms of Light.

This is how we see them, as Beings of Light, wrapped in radiant and wonderful energy.

But understand that it is your consciousness that dictates your experiences. If you see yourself as a fragile physical body then this will be the experience you are attracting, for you will be enveloped in the fear of the future and the guilt of the past. But it is up to their consciousness to expand these feelings, so that the experiences come to be lived without blockades, from a point of view illuminated by its essences.

And here I could be talking about their bodies and what are the stages of enlightenment, but then we would be rationalizing that experience to a material environment of classification. And what we try to convey is precisely this sense of transcendence, which must be felt, because there are no words to explain them. Our attempt is to feel this experience of transcendence of materiality. This is the way forward, my brothers, that of accepting your divinity and coming to see yourself from this perspective, from a point of view of the Light, of the essence, in permission to All That Is and in Love to our Father.

I bless you with all my heart, My Brothers, because I am Serapis Bey.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 27, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.