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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Delivering yourself to God - Mother Mary

May the blessings of Love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

There is a time when the hard toil is over, My Beloved Ones. It is the moment when its essence prevails over logic, over rationality.

It is where a new star reappears even more radiant, showing them how pleasing God's state of trust can be, of surrendering life to a Force Majeure, showing them that despite everything they experience, what will happen will always persist. Harmony with Creation.

The time of the great labors was ended, where something had to endure another path, so that in the end they could have that which already belongs to them by nature.

We say about logic, about rationality, where life only works if it is through what is palpable and explicable, according to a collective sense which has been taught to them as acceptable and trustworthy. But there comes a time when something bigger overflows your beings, where you simply lose this ability to worry, to understand everything, and give in, accepting that you are loved and that the best to your evolution will be put in your life so that Walk towards the Light.

The simple walk, without endless toil, without great theories of understanding, only to surrender their lives to God. At that moment, they understand that God's Love is infinite because He leads them to the path that makes them even more confident, ready to do what they came to do.

You gain inner strength, placing your essence in prevalence with the world in which you live. They trust that what they keep in their Hearts leads them to the way of Love, which is always the lightest and softest, because it is the one that, although the mind does not explain, is what resonates with its truest essence.

This path grows, grows, enlarges, because all the creative force of your Soul is put in that path, where all the energies of the Universe begin to serve them.

At that point, the doors open, the synchronies occur, the magic happens, My Sons, for their Hearts harmonize with the available energies, they move away from that rational and egoic desire that leads them to the conventional, the one that creates the resistance by which Leads your world. And at that point you deviate, leave this conventional, so that the magic and the energies serve you.

It is a beautiful way you are entering, to tread. This is the path of Universal Wisdom, of the acceptance of your Divine I Am Presence.

It is the way of the soul, of those who understood, with the Heart, the reality they experience. At that point, the mind loses its mastery so that the soul shines to lead them to the path of fullness and trust in God.

I thank you, My Beloved Sons, for my blessings to be enlightened on that day, where the feminine energy is celebrated, the one that mothers bring in their womb giving life to their children.

On this day, I bring a message that leads them to the path that every mother wishes to her Beloved Children, that of Happiness.

Be in Love and receive my blessings because I am your Mother Mary.

Mother Mary

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - May 08, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta