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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Conversation with the Master - Master Jesus

May the love of our Father enlighten and bless you in this embrace that we now give.

I told our friend (scribe, Thiago) about the love and admiration we felt for each one of you. So much was the emotion that he asked us to share this speech with everyone, because it was something that should not be kept.

I said of the admiration we feel for each one of you, especially you, Masters incarnate in this Brazilian nation. You who have passed and go through a moment of challenges, of doubts, but that continue the journey with the Heart to the top, helping in the stabilization of the collective energy field.

I told him that we were, Kuthumi, Saint Germain and I in conversation in the Ascended Realms, and we were talking about the capacity of you who are keeping in peace at this time. Our emotion is so great that it is as if we were weeping with joy and admiration for what they do.

My Sons, there is a greater plan, much greater than you realize, and this plan unfolds as the energies of balance and Love radiate from your earthly plane. So those who remain in peace, always seeking to go forward, are the ones who open the paths, are the ones that allow the plan to unfold.

I explained about it and our friend then asked permission to note that it is as if the steps were being implemented, as more people simply remain in peace, continue their chores, continue to spread Love and affection. These are the people responsible for everything that occurs. Do you understand, My Beloved and Brave Brothers? Do you understand those words? As you anchor your ability to hold yourself to the Center of your Heart, amid turbulence, new processes of this great story are written.

If you show yourself able to remain at peace with what has been revealed, then that means more can be shown, because this is a peaceful process, where no one wants to generate chaos, no one wants to generate fear. So it is you who allow the unfolding of events.

And it is sufficient for one to remain at peace in his midst, which he calls the attention of many who say: "Why, if he is able, why am I despairing?"

Do you understand? You show that it is possible! That simple. Then the process unfolds.

For this reason, here, in the Realms of Light, we are simply thrilled to see what they do. And in that hour we come down to embrace you with our energy, because we are so amazed at this ability that it is not possible not to come down to embrace them with the Love that you create in our Hearts.

I thank you, My Brothers, for simply being able to remain in peace.

Master Jesus

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 15, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta e Solange Yabushita