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Monday, May 30, 2016

Collective karmic cleaning - Master El Morya

Children of my heart,

Are you surprised by what is happening in this Brazilian nation? It is where I maintain a beautiful etheric home to bless you with the Flame of Courage, the Force of Decision and the Faith in a Force Majeure.

You are the pioneers, my noble Masters! You open the doors to be the example to other nations. Or do you believe that some country is doing the same cleaning? Do you believe that such atrocities, which you experience, only exist in this nation?

No, My Nobles! The system of government is corrupted all over the world, but you are the first to face it publicly, and to show the world what is possible. You are changing the entire power structure. Believe what I tell you: this nation will never be the same after going through this collective karmic cleansing.

You are putting everything on display, because you are consolidating your Light structures and representing divine equality.

Have confidence, My Nobles!

You have reached the level of democracy, your people have won the right to a democratic government and, in this regard, there is no setback. Democracy in this nation consolidates every day. It is an etheric right that they have conquered.

But there is a time for this to become evident. You will see scandals after scandals, delusions of all kinds, governments falling and others coming and falling again. And do you know why, my nobles? Because in the darkness there is no love. They fight each other. But the Light is wise. It allows the darkness to stand out, precisely, so that it (darkness) self-destructs. Without Light there is no love and the ego prevails in these environments, where each one wants to free his own personal interest.

That's why you see so much coming out from under the rug.

This will be an example to the next generations! His generation will be an example for the next generations, who will consolidate a government of the people and for the people, so that the power "leaves the arms" of each member of this sacred ground.

The Light radiates from this soil, because this is the Heart of Gaia. The Light is strong enough to bring all the darkness afloat and I tell you: nothing else will be hidden. And with this, you will also learn to be true in small acts, because you will know that it is impossible to cover up personal interests.

But know something else: this is a collective process. So do not judge those who are in evidence in this process, for they are only the reflection of a nation that walks toward cleanliness. They are the "mirrors" that the members of this nation are looking for, in themselves, the acts of personal corruption.

For these, and I say of all the brothers who publicly experience this process of karmic cleansing, only radiate peace and Love.

This is the only way for you to prove that you are not part of this group, to be different, and to understand the depth of that statement! You show that you are different in keeping yourself aware of the process, radiating peace and being the example to those who are unstructured from the very foundation they have created.

Have confidence in the process you are experiencing. He is hard, yes, but you were chosen to be there, because you are the best and because you were prepared to go through all this, otherwise it would not be you.

Trust that the horizon will be beautiful, because it will be! Look at your heart that he will tell you.

Tomorrow is very promising. Keep in mind that the turbulence is in the now, because tomorrow will be of peace, abundance and prosperity to all.

I bless you with all my heart, because I am El Morya.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 30, 2016.

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and Solange Yabushita.