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Friday, May 13, 2016

About the Karmic Rescue - Archangel Mitzrael

Beloved ones,

You see yourself in innumerable situations linked to elements that bind you, that bind you to those experiences that always return to your lives, as if to show you something. They are karmic situations, which impose the rescue of their attitudes towards their brothers or with themselves.

However, Sons, understand that karma is an energetic relation that binds the conscience to the actions practiced, that generates a reaction that returns with the same quality and intensity to who realized them, subjecting it to its own moral causality.

It is not a law of the earthly experience, but of the consciousness itself. It is an energetic bond between the consciousness and the reality that surrounds you.

When you enter into this physical reality, you emerge in that environment and you completely forget about your divine nature. The human being, the rational mind, takes control of his actions, when they close to the energy of Love, which radiates from his Heart.

In this material environment, consciousness does not pay attention to the real dimension of everything that surrounds you. And in the face of illusion, he practices acts against himself and his brothers.

But when it returns to its origin, to the spiritual reality, the being is confronted with the reality that, until then, was not tangible, but crammed it, circumscribed it. It encounters the love of creation and the opportunities it has been granted. Consciousness, then, enters into an imbalance with itself, pointing to acts performed with ransom imposition.

Karma, then, is an energetic law sustained by the immersion of consciousness on the material plane, by sustaining feelings such as fear, greed, inability to forgive, feelings of revanchism, inner imbalance itself in whatever form it manifests itself. It is consciousness itself that upholds karma through its beliefs and immersion in material reality.

It is a law of imbalance of consciousness that imposes the ransom for the return to Divine Perfection. But this is not because God is a punitive being who is dictating the behavior of his children, but because until a reaction is generated that returns with the same quality and intensity, in order to energetically rebalance the consciousness, the being Will remain in internal imbalance.

By being unbalanced through lesser feelings such as hatred, jealousy, lack of understanding, fear, self-loathing, among others, causing harm to their brethren, the being will seek redemption of its balance through karmic law, seeking A reaction that will rescue your actions.

And it is a law that is sustained through Love as well, for the acts of Love generate a reflection in the conscience, through the gratitude of all those who have received these attitudes of affection and generosity. Then karma, through consciousness, manifests itself both through Love and fear, and can be, as they say, positive or negative.

In the so-called positive karma, you will be helped by those who, at one point, have helped in a totally disinterested and selfless attitude.

But karma only exists as being is linked to physical reality. As long as the soul is immersed in the reality that surrounds it, it does not dissociate itself from the karmic law, because conscience will lead it to repair its acts or help those who have loved them.

But when the being dissociates itself from the reality that surrounds you, seeing itself as an integral being as a divine being, it understands Love. At this point, there is no more hate, there is forgiveness; There is no revenge, there is gratitude; There is no greed, but yes, generosity. At that point, the being regains its energy balance and all karma is released. Being transcends this reality of consciousness that limits and restricts it, and expands to receive the Love of God in full trust and surrender.

In this state, there is no more karma, because consciousness frees itself from all need of ransom and transcends the existing imbalances. Being is put in absolute perfection next to Creation.

Karma, then, is sustained by its own being through its beliefs, its lack of understanding, its judgment, hatred, control, victimization. It is the consciousness itself that upholds the karmic law, because the non-acceptance of experiences leads to the imbalance and the need to inner rescue of their attitudes.

Therefore, there is no karma in the Realms of Light, because in this environment only Love prevails. Attitudes are loving, beings do not suffer the limitations of their consciousness, they are detached from the karmic law, because their consciences are in perfect balance with the Creation.

So, My Beloved Ones, karma is an energy that you hold to get too involved in the physical environment. For fighting against everything and everyone and against themselves.

To remove your karmic relations, therefore, be loving with yourself, radiate authenticity, blaze your light, seek your balance, abandon what unbalances you and thank all experiences. Thus, you will be expanding your consciousness, releasing everything that restricts you. Your consciousness will be opening to the Father's purest Love and your karmic relations will be progressively liberated.

You are powerful beings and no one will tell you whether or not your karma has been rescued, because it is your conscience that will accuse this need.

This is a lesson of Love.

Archangel Mitzrael

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 13, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta e Solange Yabushita