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Sunday, May 1, 2016

About Failure and Abundance - Master Kuthumi

It is with the Heart full of Love that I approach you Masters.

I come to tell you about the energy of lack, of need, of lack of trust in the Supreme Energy of Our Father, who offers them everything.

They have been trained and taught to guard, to assure the future or not to use their present resources to use them at another opportunity. Who has never come across beautiful silverware or beautiful cutlery that is stored in a special situation that never arrives? They then focus on the absence and think, "But what if I need it one day?"

So, you accumulate energies in material or monetary forms, always waiting for that day that, perhaps, never arrives. They carry unnecessary baggage into their lives and still forget that today is the special day. Today is the day you deserve a beautiful vacation trip instead of a packed bill. Today is the day you deserve a delicious dinner with your guests.

I tell you this, even though they have somehow heard something like this, to remind them of the responsibility they have in the New Age.

You are in great expansion of consciousness and your creative focus is much greater now than it was a few years ago. Masters, by focusing on a future lack, you will be creating the present lack because your focus is on failure. By over-booking, you are vibrating in a position of lack of confidence with the future. This behavior does not fit the New Age, you will be brought to the existential limit if you do not learn this powerful lesson!

The creative energy expands in your consciousness and thus you are much more powerful. Your consciousness is creating your experiences more and more intensely. So maybe you're wondering, "How do I not create what I do not want? So as not to bring unpleasant experiences to me? " Maybe I could tell them that it would be focusing on what they want, but it's not that simple! The New Age energy is gentle, it is sweet, it is a soft delight. It requires Faith, Delivery, and Trust. Above all, a conduct based on Love is required.

You see, if you have a gentle, gentle, loving demeanor, if you allow the energies of Creation to serve you by not causing resistance, then it will be a smooth, based on the Now life you are creating. But if, on the contrary, they hold negative thoughts, feelings of low vibrational level, then that is what they are creating.

But he said about the lack. Whenever you focus on the reserve, what you may lack, then it will be the fault you are creating.

In the New Age, one lives in Trust, in Delivery, in the Faith that God is in charge of his life, enjoying all that he has in the Now, placing himself as deserving of the best. So make that trip of your dreams, use your silverware for a special day, dress yourself in a way to feel good and loved. Do today what you do well, give a gift to your dear companion or yourself, have a good meal! Put yourself in this position of merit, in that vibrational state of merit, which is what you are attracting.

Abundance is a state of possessing, NOW, all that is essential to your happiness, whether in Love, in the Light that anchors, in the experiences you experience or in your material life. But most of all, focus on your spiritual ennobling, your passion for life, waking up every day and doing what makes your Heart shine and sing. Focus on your happiness!

Masters, your focus makes your life! Your vibration creates your experiences! How many times will you have to hear this?

You are expanding your creative capacity, so stop setting aside for tomorrow, what makes you happy today, even though it is something abnormal, since normal is not authentic. Authenticity is in the radiance of the Heart, in simply being now true, with that which longs for your happiness.

I thank you, Beloved Ones, with all my Heart.

I am Kuthumi

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – May 01, 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta