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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Force of Love in Earthly Experience - Saul

May the blessings of love guide your earthly journey, my brethren.

By opening themselves to the radiance of love, a new understanding draws them to life, because love elevates them to a panoramic view of their reality. As you open your heart to the receiving of this energy, immediately your afflictions ease, because love dilutes the limits of your consciousness. Those limits, which the mind directed by the physical senses impose upon them, are slowed down to raise them to a greater understanding of everything.

When you forget love, or close yourself to this sublime feeling through the energy of judgment, of lack of trust, of fear, you immerse yourself in three-dimensional reality, you restrain your own consciousness and move away from that feeling that is able to make your passage earthly life.

Because love forgives, drives away sorrows, understands, accepts, understands experience. And from it, your earthly journey becomes lighter, without so much weight to overload them, because only with a loving look do you understand the pain that leads you or leads your brothers to behave in a way that is compromising their own existence. The lack of love leads them to attack other divine consciousnesses that are united in this great project that is the experience of the soul on Earth.

From the blockage to the sublime energy of love, you close the veil of your vision to totally forget that life on Earth is a learning passage. As you move away from love, you go deeper into material reality, as if it were the only one existing and everything else was an illusion, when it is just the opposite.

Love brings them a panoramic view, because it is compassionate, understanding, taking them out of the energy of judgment and leading them to inner balance. Before the love of everything and everyone, everything is well! For acts of folly are seen, not so as to tolerate them without any reaction, but rather to prevent those who have suffered from becoming equal to those who have gone astray.

When you act with hatred, with anger, without understanding, you are looking in a mirror, which makes you as equal as those who criticize. Now, within the energy of love, you understand that this manifestation of imbalance was also contrary to the one who promoted it. There is a compassionate look. But the integration to this sublime feeling prevents them from descending to the vibrational level of that brother who is fighting against himself and everyone else.

We do not say that love is unpunished, but it elevates them to the point of not allowing them to sink into material reality. Rather, it keeps them on a vibrational level that gives them a panoramic view, preventing them from entering the core of the three-dimensional game, which is life on Earth.

Do not close yourself to love. Sustain this energy in the most challenging situations, because love will bring you softness, understanding, making you lighter and sustaining a deep inner peace.

This peace is irresistible! Try to use it and you will see the immediate modification of the reactions of those who offend them or attack or are not gentle, and who promote acts of disgust against themselves. When you hold on to this energy, there is no one who can resist, for love is irresistible. Take the test and prove the strength of these words.

Like all my love.


Message: Thiago Strapasson - 06 / April / 2016

Review: Solange Yabushita / Angelica T. Tosta