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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Giving yourself up to chance, leave your worries! - Master Saint Germain

Dear brothers and sisters,

There is something sweet in the air. Feel it! Forget that euphoria, this inner struggle. Let go of your worries, your anxieties. Feel this now with a deep, deep breath! Close your eyes and breathe calmly! Four slight breaths!

Feel your body now! Close your eyes and breathe again! Three more breaths. Breathe and feel!

As you do this, do you see your body relaxing? Like something was going? That something are those who carry within themselves without any need. Do this exercise again and realize the weights you bring with you. Because when they turn to the now, they are alleviated, because everything is well, at that moment!

In physical life, there is much anxiety about what is to come! There is a need for everything to be always right! As if something were going to bring us down whenever a detour, or something we thought was not right, appeared!

There is a need to be in control, where we have to know what is to come! We also have to expect a lot from the politicians, our families, our friends. We are always waiting or worrying. But the funny thing is that, in the end, things never go the way we program. And often we lose sleep, we grieve for the behavior of others, and there we carry these burdens all.

There is a spiritual law here! For everything that we focus on with anxiety, fear, among others, is modified, because focus takes experience to another way! But that's a matter for another time!

And here we go with the burdens of politics that is not well, our traveling companion who walks there somewhat, ungrateful, of the one who walks very weird, because before he seemed more attentive. Also, being cute and smart like that, things get easier! Already with me! ...

And there we go, always carrying those burdens, those anxieties, these fears, that never happen. Ahhh! ... And if they happened, we do not even remember how they were solved! Concerns, as the name itself says, being "pre-occupied" with something, which is not known!

Beloved ones, in breathing everything is relieved, only because they have taken, for brief seconds, the focus of their speaking mind of their affairs. Then we surrender to chance. The one who always leads us to the greatest joys, the greatest amusements, the adventures, the feeling of being alive. Chance! Why not give yourself to him?

I remembered! Life is not so simple, because we have our commitments. Then we go back to the cycle of "pre-occupation", anxiety, fear, guilt over something that is gone. This cycle of illusion that does not let us surrender to chance! To return to being simply breathing, being and living day after day, one day after another, ... in a smooth cycle of trust.

So breathe again! Close your eyes! Three more breaths and surrender at random. If you can, open your arms and breathe like children! Because life is made to live, to have the courage, to have joy! ... And that everything else goes far from here ...

This is the longing of your soul, for so are you, out of illusion! But on this plane you have the mind that brings you doubt and anxiety, which projects you to continue to fight for life when your soul asks only that you live! Because it is eternal and, for her, everything is always well!

Do not forget that you are their soul, their essence and, therefore, do not confuse yourself by thinking that it is this garment you now use, that physical body. You are much more than that. So stop carrying all these bales. Live, breathe, open your arms and feel the joy that the expansion of your soul brings you!

The rest is with you, because I, for myself, have already done my part!

Stay with God, my children! In fact, you are Gods, so to say this is a redundancy! Be in peace, then!

With all my heart.

Master Saint Germain

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – Apr 02, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita