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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

About the Truth - Master Mirian


I'd like to tell you about the Truth. What is Truth?

In all stories there are interpretations according to a judgment of individual value. The facts occur, you experience them, take access to them according to your senses, and give a certain value to them.

In valuing these facts, you add to them their own interpretation, according to pre-conceived experiences and values. There is no single truth. There is always an individual point of view.

But you wear yourself out trying to demonstrate your truth, which is different from your brother. And they do not realize that both truths must coexist harmoniously, because only the sum of these values ​​will make the truth.

Truth does not exist according to one or another individual point of view, but it is the sum of all interpretations of those facts. It is enough, therefore, to internally support its truth without any need to prove it externally, or to say that it is truer than the other truth.

We have already told you that, energetically, you form a single consciousness. And that there is a joint energy, which will lead to a prevalence of truth at that time. But know that this very truth of the now may not be that of tomorrow, though on the same fact.

Truths change, even yours, for values ​​evolve, change, then the basis of value of the facts will not be the same. There are many truths, but you cling to one, as if it were the only one acceptable, and thereby interrupt the flow of growth, of learning. For as your experiences change, you evolve together and the truth can change.

So there is no need to prove a truth, but rather to live it as long as it lasts in time. But it is also important to know that the truth of today may not be that of tomorrow, for value judgments also change.

Everything in the Universe is fluid and nothing is stable. Everything Is Being And Nothing Is. Remember these words when you hold your truth, "allowing others to coexist, though different."

I thank you, brothers, with all my heart.

I am Lady Mirian

Message: Thiago Strapasson - 13 / April / 2016

Revision: Angelica T. Tosta